New Mexico

Arlo Hemphill
On October 14, 2011, I set out on a one-week, cross-country road trip from Monterey, California to New Mexico, with my lifelong friend Boca, taking in and reporting on America along the way. It’s a journey that’s been made many times before, perhaps even by you. But we digitally documented the journey in real time so that we could share this experience with you. We invite you to come with us, from the breathtaking Pacific coast to the white sand resort of New Mexico. Journey with us through deserts, canyons, cities, random oddities of Americana and the natural beauty of the North American interior. Follow us, every step of the way.The first day of our cross-country road trip started with high hopes and enthusiasm along Monterey’s verdant Pacific coast. It ended in fatigue in the Mojave’s brown and bone-dry desert expanses. Boca, who’s doing all the driving on the trip, didn’t make it onto the Monterey Peninsula until around 3am. Although his flight from Florida landed on time – just before 10pm in San Jose – a fatal highway accident kept his shuttle transfer in gridlock for hours on end. I waited up for him, catching up on writing and trip planning, and we both ended up with less than desired sleep before our first full day of driving.