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Sarnath is an ancient city which is situated near the meeting point of holy river Ganges and the Gomti River. When Lord Buddha had attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, he is said to have come down over here and preached his first sermon which was about the middle path of Nirvana. When the followers of Buddha increased even after his death, there were many monasteries and stupas built here. In the th Century when the Chinese traveller Xuang Dan came, there was a 100 ft stupa of Lord Buddha and was the most important seat of Buddhism. Later the Muslims attacked this place and ransacked all the stupas and Sarnath disappeared magically to be found again by British archeologists in the 19th Century. The city was again revived and the ruined structures of the Buddhists are still found here and the Sarnath Deer Park which is the place where the First Sermon was preached is remarkable. It is still one of the four most important seats of Buddhism worship. People come here more during the Buddha Purnima or when his death anniversary is marked.
- SarnathBack in childhood, it was our favorite picnic spot, and growing up didn’t change our views. It is around 10 k.m away from the city, near the confluence of river Ganga and Varuna. The Deer park is major attraction, and it is the place where Gautam Buddha delivered his first ever speech after gaining enlightenment. The complex boasts several monasteries and temples. Dhamekha stupa, is an impressive 128 feet high and 93 feet in diameter, erected at the very spot where Buddha delivered the sermon to five disciples.
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About 30 kms out of Varanasi is the holy Buddhist site of Sarnath. This is where the first sermons of Lord Buddha to his five disciples was delivered after attaining enlightenment. During the second century BC, Ashoka commissioned and had the Dhamek Stupa built. Also, the Ashoka Pillar and the Lion Emblem, which are of national importance are based out of Sarnath. During the 1970s, the ASI excavated most of the place to recover the buried relics and now, they are housed in a museum close by. The Sarnath temple is located nearby housing an amazing idol of Lord Buddha.
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The amount of pleasure that should have been enjoyed in this journey of Sarnath could not come due to the heat but even then it has a benefit too! The crowd was not screwed and the lint was walking around the throats of Angchhha dam! The temple was a temple of Sri Lanka from the cottage. Then after moving out from there, the Dhemak Stupa began to appear, if you see a lattice gate on the way, then I think that I will shoot short from here, but two people sitting in the area asked, Where? I raised the finger and said there !! Hey Bhai ji is the path of Jain temple and it is closed! Will have to go through the gate next! Let's go! And reached the next gate, went straight into the entrance! The voice came from behind - wait! Wait ! I saw twisted - he was calling me! Talk - your ticket? I said which ticket? Oh, is that so ! 20 rupees have to be booked here!The current name of Sarnath is taken from the Sanskrit word "Sarangnath" which means "Lord of Dear"! There is a story behind it, in which God Bodhisattva has been called a deer in the previous birth, who had dedicated his life to save the life of the hunter of the doer! And it is said that later the same King constructed this Deer Park! Although I could not see this park!Three places related to Gautam Buddha are very famous and very sacred, of which I have gone to Bodh Gaya and Sarnath in two places! Lumbini is still left, see when the number will come!Let's talk about the history of Sarnath! Gautam Buddha had reached Sarnath after about five weeks of receiving knowledge in Bodh Gaya! Sarnath means that the purpose of going to know this was that he had realized from his powers that his five old companions would learn his knowledge very fast, his discourse! A very good event comes in this journey of Gautam Buddha! When Gautam Buddha was going to Sarnath from Bodh Gaya when he was going to Sarnath, he had to cross the Ganga river, but he did not have the money to give to the flyer, so he crossed the river in the air, as much as it was unprecedented, its impact on King Bimbisar He also stopped paying rent for the ascetics / sannyasis to cross the river! On reaching Sarnath, Gautam Buddha gave knowledge to those five disciples and then the same "union" was established! God Buddha gave the sermon on the full moon day which is called Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta. It is said that Lord Buddha had also spent his rainy time in the "Mulundhakuta" here in Sarnath!Dhamek Stupa:I do not know very much about the Stupa, but know that maybe it was made in the memory of any ascetic or like his Samadhi! Dhakek Stupa is made up of about 500 AD (CE), which was started by Emperor Ashoka! It also has Ashok Pillar! The height of this stupa is about 43. 6 meters and diameter is 28 meters! It is said that Ashoka himself had such a foundation and the carvings over it were the servants of the Guptas of the later Guptas! Birds, animals and humans have been shown in this texture, although a lot is going on! It is said that the height of this stupa has been increased six times at different times, but its upper part remained incomplete!After this post, you will take the excavation done by the Archaeological Survey of India and to show the remnants found in it, to talk about them! You read this post till I finish the trip from 10th June to 22nd June. Will meet soon !