Uttar Pradesh Tourism and Travel Guide

Located right in the middle of the country, Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India and provides a lot of opportunities to its travellers to experience it all, in one place. With two main rivers flowing through the state, the cities along the banks of these rivers such as Banaras, Allahabad, Vrindavan and Mathura have emerged as religious hubs and hold a significant position in the Hindu religion. The state has numerous architectural treasures, one of them being The Taj Mahal. Travellers in the state can actually cover the famous Heritage Arc which covers Agra, Lucknow and Varanasi. Lucknow is another place in UP that is worth a visit. Boasting its old world charm, Lucknow is considered as one of the few gems that still reflect Awadhi culture in its every corner. Jhansi, another historically rich city, is adorned with several historical monuments like the Jhansi Fort and Rani Mahal. On one hand, a trip to Jhansi is like taking a religious dip in the Indian history and on the other hand, a trip to Aligarh will take you back to the Mughal times. Some of the popular sites to visit in Aligarh are Jama Masjid, Baba Barchi Bahadur Dargah and the Aligarh Fort. Also, remember to keep Khusinagar on your itinerary which holds a significant position in Buddhist circuit. The place has famous Mahaparinirvana Temple and Ramabhar Stupa. Uttar Pradesh boasts a rich cultural heritage and is a gateway for anyone to know more about ancient Indian history.
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