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Halong Bay

Myriad forms of geo-diversities, breathtaking natural beauty and an age-old culture have made Vietnam truly fabulous. Apart from the capital city of Hanoi, in and around the Ho Chi Minh city, tourists can enjoy the quintessence of Vietnamese culture. We have Ha Long Bay in our list, often referred as the eighth natural wonder of the world. Million years of environmental changes have given rise to karstification of the land. Travelling through thousands of monolithic limestone islands jutting out of the emerald green silent water, on a traditional junk, is an unforgettable experience. The Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO world heritage site.
 It was just awesome full of breathtaking views, numerous mountains in the sea. and a cave in between full of stalactites and stalagmites. We went to many famous places which were quite memorable. Landed in hue on 5th day of the trip. The hotel mgmt arranged the transfers for us. Hue is called as the "Historic Capital of vietnam" as it was the ruled by Nguyen Dynasty emperors. It is full of pagodas and palaces like Imperial city, Tomb of Minh Mang , Thien Mu Pagoda , Imperial Tomb of Dong Khanh , Tomb of Khai Dinh. Once we done all the check in formalities in the hotel, we took the city map from the front desk and started exploring the city. We took the collective pass for the above tombs and decided to cover the Imperial Citadel that day only as it takes approx 2-3 hrs to explore the whole place. We Got to know a lot regarding history of vietnam and Nguyen Dynasty. A lot of walk is required but a worth visit. The remains are quiet well maintained. It had a beautiful landscape and many beautiful gardens to roam around. The next day, we hired the 2-wheeler and covered all the attractions of the city. The weather was too favorable and everything was just photo-friendly. There was also a night market near buy along the famous "perfume river" full of red lanterns all along the road making the way soo beautiful. We did some shopping from there. We stayed in hue for 2 days/2 nights. The next day after breakfast we were off to Da-nang by Train.
Halong bay is 4hours drive from the city of Hanoi. The consists of a dense cluster of some 1600 limestone monolithic islands each topped with thick jungle vegetation, risingfrom the ocean and is one of Asia`s vast spectacular wonders. Designated a World Heritage site in 1994,itis a vision of ethereal beauty and northern Vietnam`s number one tourism hub.
The real beauty of Halong bay is best experienced abroad an island cruise. There are many cruise boats ply the emerald sea and spending at least one night on the bay is a must. Ended our 1 st day with delicious Vietnamese dinner.Next day morning we were taken to another island. Upon reaching we were given bicycles to explore a nearby village. I have not ride a bicycle for ages, so was not comfortable riding one and it was same with my new friend May. So we got hold of a local guy, who took us there and back in his scooty. The village propitiously welcoming us with its curvy mountain lane. We felt as if we were at our village back home.
Khyati Maloo
Go hiking in the National Park and spot the critically endangered golden headed langoor, with just about 60 left they may be hard to find. Entrance fee to the park is 15000 VND, you can explore the park on your own or take one of the guided tours.Take a cruise through Ha Long Bay – UNESCO world heritage site – you should not miss it.
Karthik Vivek
Leaving Ho Chi Minh and arriving at Hanoi,Ha Long Bay is four hours away from Hanoi by road (30 minutes of rest in between). Lucky, the road condition was not too bad.Our two-day-one-night tour was provided by Grayline cruises.Its a must if you visit Vietnam.They pack so much activities like kayaking,swimming and then after dinner its buy one get one free drinks and dancing.The place is amazing and its impossible to explain the vast bay in words.After Halong Bay back to Hanoi and boarded flight to Cambodia.
Gaurang Garg
 The activities that these cruises include are kayaking and swimming. Also, you get to spend a night in the boat itself. The rooms in the boat and not great but for one night they should suffice. If you are a vegetarian be sure to mention this at the time of booking. Cat ba island is the biggest of all the islands in halong bay. I stayed at the Catba hostel which was the best hostel in town.
Shaurya Veer Suda
Where the dragon descends into the sea, it is sensible opt for cruise-tours that include sleeping on board within the bay, while a growing number are deciding to abjure the main bay completely, heading straight for Cat Ba Island from where trips to less-visited but equally enticing Lan Ha Bay are easily set up. Best time to visit: Late may till early august.Travel advice: Carry your speakers with you with a playlist which has good vibes to enjoy a night sky full of stars surrounded by the limestones which stand tall in the still water of the bay.CAT BA ISLAND
Nidhi Jakhodia
The cruise company minivan picked us from our hotel at 8am and at their office we transferred to a big bus. It was a four hour bus ride to Ha Long Bay. Our guide was Mr. Dat - he said we could also call him Peter (his English name kept for the benefit of tourists) or Success (meaning of his Vietnamese name apparently). A really cheerful guy who kept us entertained with information about Vietnamese history and its culture. On the way we stopped for a half hour break at a tourist service centre.
Nikita Anand
Next day, we left for the much awaited cruise to Halong Bay, a UNESCO world heritage site and Vietnam’s top tourist destination. After a lot of research, we chose to go with Indochina Junk for 2D1N on the luxurious Dragon Legend ship. I believe it was one of the best travel decisions we have made. Right from pick up in Hanoi till drop off, it was an absolutely wonderful experience. We got picked up in a luxury van equipped with wifi. The journey was quite nice since Vietnamese country side is so green and picture perfect. The ship was luxurious with 24 large cabins, a huge dining area, sun deck and mineral water pool. The rooms were large and tastefully done with a huge window to admire the view.
karolina patryk
What is the meaning of the name 'Halong Bay'? It is literally: the 'Bay of Descending Dragons'. The legend says that long time ago Viets were attacked by foreign aggressors. Vietnamese God, also known as Heavenly Duke (The Jade Emperor) asked Mother Dragon to help save his people. She, with her band of Child Dragons, were attacking foreigners from the sky when Viets were fighting on the land.Dragons were spitting out innumerable pearls which changed into jade stone islands right at the moment they had touched the water.These islands had linked together and formed citadels. It helped Viets to win a fight. After an amazing victory, Mother Dragon and her Children decided to not coming back to Heaven. They stayed on the battlefield. Halong was the place where the Mother Dragon landed. 
Tsai Wharton
From Hanoi, it’s a 3.5 hour drive to Halong Bay. You need to leave your hotel around 8am as all the boats leave Halong at 12.45pm.The drive is slow due to the volume of traffic but well worth it. I had a fantastic time during the two days-one night trip with Paradise Cruises. There is also a three day-two night option. As one of the new ‘seven wonders of the world’ this really should be on your itinerary; a truly stunning yet tranquil setting.
Archana Singh
After two days of enjoying the charm of Hanoi, visit the site where James Bond said 'tomorrow never dies'. Sailing in the calm emerald sea of Halong Bay dotted with thousands of spiky limestone pinnacles is an indescribable experience. The sunsets are to die for. There is no better way to experience the bay but on a cruise. I recommend taking 3D2N Luxury Pelican Cruise or Imperial Classic Cruise. The food and the services on the cruise are top notch. The route taken is not too touristy and you get to explore lot of activities like caving, kayaking, swimming, visiting the pearl farm, fishing and floating villages, taking Vietnamese cooking class among other things. However, if you are tight on budget and time then you can opt for a 2D1N cruise. But don't take a day only trip. That's plain waste of money.Day 6 - 8: Trek through the rice fields of Sapa and enjoy its Tribal Hospitality:
Halong Bay is another place to visit where you can enjoy sailing on traditional Vietnamese boats. This place offers a nice summer where the skies are often blue.There are multiple beaches in Vietnam and no one can claim to have toured this place without having a time of his/her life here. Anyone who is able know the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia will never cease to praise these awesome beaches. He/she will ask you to try and be there if you want the best of this place.Best Time for Tourist in CambodiaAppealing news for your ears today is that you can visit this place all year round. From October to April, Cambodia is dry while between May and June it’s a wet season. Many people who come to Cambodia will want to visit the Bamboo Island because seeing is believing. You may have heard about it but it will be a good idea to be there. The best time is during dry season because that is when the road is passable.There are many celebrations taking place in Cambodia all year long and they include the Liberation Day, Visak Bochea which commemorates date of birth, Water Festival and others which follow the Buddhist calendar you can never miss. If you happen to know the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia, then all these tips should be at your finger tips.No matter if you are a Buddha or not visiting these two places can be the best tours you will have ever made in your entire life. Try and plan on when to visit based on the provided information but lucky enough, they can be visited during any season.
Halong Bay – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is every bit as breathtaking as they say it is. Yes, it may be incredibly touristy, but its sheer mystical beauty makes it a must for anyone visiting Vietnam. The best way to explore the bay is by staying overnight on a junk boat while cruising peacefully around some of the 2000 limestone karsts that rise high above the tranquil, turquoise waters.Coffee – It’s fair to say that the Vietnamese know a thing or two about coffee…being the second biggest exporter in the world after all. There are many different types that you can try while being there, mostly accompanied with sweetened condensed milk. But probably the most interesting type I sampled was their “shit coffee” – which is basically coffee made from beans that a weasel has eaten and pooped out! Sounds gross, but tastes amazing!
Jane Cook
On the cliffs in front of us was a huge troop of wild monkeys – loads of gorgeous little baby ones too! They were playing in the branches and chilling by the water, and we could kayak to within a few feet of them. Needless to say, I was bloody loving it:Whilst we kayaked around the rest of the lagoon we could see sea eagles soaring above the cliffs. It was so peaceful and beautiful as the lagoon can only be reached in a small boat – no motorised engines etc. It was definitely one of the best moments of our whole 2 month trip. The group we had on this trip was also awesome (including 3 hilarious german guys) and they made it even better – the travellers in Vietnam seem to be a little older and more mature than those in Thailand! After an hour on the lagoon we boarded our boat for one last time. We had an hour or so to shower, sunbathe on deck and enjoy our final enormous meal as the boat sailed away from the beautiful islands, and back to Ha Long City.
They say the limestone karsts in Halong Bay were formed when dragons were sent to spit big lumps of jade into the water, creating a wall that would protect Vietnam from invaders. No dragons were harmed in the making of this legend.We took a 3½-hour drive through the fertile Red River Delta to the bayside town of Bai Chay. We were lucky to witness a sunset over Halong Bay before enjoying dinner prepared by the crew.
Nitin Bothra
2. Halong BayHalong Bay is a UNESCO world heritage site and, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. Thousands of giant limestone islands fill the bay.Ha Long, meaning Descending Dragon is derived from the Sion-Vietnamese, features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes. The moment you enter the bay you will feel like traveling to the edge of the world. Watching the thousands of limestone karsts standing mightily, gives you an amazing sight. Take a cruise or a junk boat, enjoy swimming, kayaking or just chill out at the Cat Ba Island or many such cast-away islands.Halong bay has something in store for everyone.Detail about Halong Bay I will share in my next post, till then just enjoy the scenic beauty.A photo posted by Nitin Bothra (@indian.excursionist) on
Vishal Taneja
Day 2&3 - Halong Bay.Halong Bay is almost 4 hours drive from Hanoi. I booked 1 day cruise tour for $50 including pick-up & drop from Hostel. The tour includes cruise trip, kayaking and a visit to the Sung Sot (Halong) cave.
Mamta Taliwala
You can go to Halong bay for a one day trip (and that is all you need). A lot of yours will offer you packages for a day. I recommend you book a trip with local tour agencies. It's a little tricky to get there. These trips are not that expensive. It's below $200 (all inclusive)These tour guys do a pick up and drop service, they also have food and other cruise charges covered in the pack.The trips are usually good as us get to meet new people. We made a friend too. The boat ride is a long one, you can see all the beautiful spots. They also take you to the caves to check out the stalagmites and stalactites. We did kayaking for about an over. We went through the caves and all. It was a great experience. A great one day trip.While coming back they take you to a handicraft shop. You can buy gifts for you loved ones here. They are not cheap but the quality is great for sure.Hope this helps.Have a great trip!
Cruise along Ha Long Bay - Vietnamese: Vịnh Hạ Long, literally means 'Descending Dragon Bay' is one of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam which is a 3 hour transfer from Hanoi to the HabourThe official information from Wikipedia is that Hạ Long Bay has an area of around 1,553 km2, including 1,960–2,000 islets, most of which are limestone which has undergone 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments. The geo-diversity of the environment in the area has created biodiversity, including a tropical evergreen biosystem, oceanic and sea shore biosystem.There are many cruise operators that you can choose from as Ha long bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations when you come to Vietnam. Choosing Pelican Cruises over the rest is easy as it is one of the newest 4-star cruises (operations started in 2012) sailing in Ha Long Bay. I was really pleased that it is relatively small sized with 22 cabins (crowd is not really my thing) and had services and amenities truly met those of a 4-star deluxe hotel with sundeck with lounge chairs that i took the chance of watching the sun setting over the area.
Go Asia Travel
Ready for this unique experience then board for 2 days & 1 night exploring the breathtaking and peaceful view of Halong bay. Start cruising and enjoy our special feast of Vietnamese dishes while the cruise slowly slide on the romantic waves of Halong Bay. Relax on the sundeck or take part in our activities as kayaking, swimming, visiting Sung Sot cave and Ti Top Island, cooking class.08:00 Picking up guests from hotel/stay08:30 Starting to drive to Ha Long Bay10:30 Stopping over to stretch the legs on the way12:30 Arriving in Ha Long Bay harbor12:45 Boarding Cruise & welcome drink13:00 Safety briefing & check in cabin13:30 Lunch with Vietnamese Cuisine15:00 Kayaking or relaxing16:30 Visit Titop Island or swimming18:00 Cooking class19:30 Dinner with Vietnamese Cuisine. Enjoying a romantic night at bar or doing squid fishing.Note: Above is itinerary of 3 star cruise, itineraries of 4 or 5 star cruises will be differentDay 3 Halong Bay - Hanoi - Check in hotel in Hanoi (Meal: B, L )07:00 Wake up call07:30 Captain Breakfast08:15 Visiting Sung Sot cave (Surprising Cave)09:30 Check out cabin10:30 Flower Carving Class11:00 Time to say good bye to our crew11:30 Lunch with Vietnamese Cuisine at the restaurant in the harbor.12:30 Let’s get on shuttle bus to go back to Hanoi14:00 Short stop to stretch the legs16:30 Back to hotel in Hanoi. Recheckin hotel.Note: Above is itinerary of 3 star cruise, itineraries of 4 or 5 star cruises will be differentDay 4 Hanoi Airport transfer - Flight to Hue (Meal: B )
Halong Bay
Indochina Legend
Halong Bay is a must-see site once you visit Vietnam. Cruise Halong and spend one night among its spectacular limestone, amazingly scattered from the emerald water, will give you an life's time experience.Halong Emotion is a Luxury Cruise in Halong bay, combines charm and great comfort to meet the growing demand of travelers looking for luxurious cruises in the bay. Our first boat, launched in July 2008, features 28 air-conditioned cabins, with private bathrooms and facilities similar to a boutique style hotel Day 1: Hanoi arrival Day 2: Ha Noi – Ha Long (B, L, D) Day 3: Ha Long – Ha Noi (B, L) Day 4: Hanoi Departure (B)
Thien Anh
When you feel like cruising with your friends and enjoy the breeze then this is something for you! First, we all transfer to Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province. Driving along the Red River Delta with outskirt of Hanoi, Bac Ninh province, the home-land of “Quan Ho folk song” which is one of the World Culture Heritage of Vietnam. Hai Duong province where we will have a short stop for relax at around 10:00 or 10:30. Keeping on driving to Quang Ninh province, we can see the land of coal, the land of sea... We arrive at Bai Chay wharf at midday. Warm welcome by the local crew team and we start enjoying 4 hour boat trip. A delicious seafood lunch will be served when we are completely relaxed on board. We are both having seafood and marveling the splendor of the surroundings. When our lunch time ends, it is the time we walk into the Thien Cung cave (Heaven Palace cave) and Dau Go cave to see thousands of stalactites and stalagmites colored by hundreds of neon lights.