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Rishikonda Beach

The beach is about 8kms from the Visakhapatnam, a picturesque beach with tall mangroves and palm rooted in the white sands of the beach, a popular beach in Andhra.
Jhelum Kaushal
૪. ઋષિકોન્ડા વિશાખાપટ્ટનમથી લગભગ ૨૦ કિમી દૂર આવેલ આ બીચ તમારું દિલ ચોરી લેશે. રામકૃષ્ણ બીચથી આ બીચ થોડો નાનો અને ઓછી ભીડ વાળો હોવાથી પરિવાર માટે ઉત્તમ છે. તાડ અને આંબા વચ્ચે આ બીચના કિનારામાં બંગાળની ખાડીનું હુંફાળું પાણી, આટલી વસ્તુઓ તમારો થાક દૂર કરવા માટે પૂરતી છે. તમે અહીં પેરા સેલિંગ અને સર્ફિંગ પણ કરી શકો છો.
From bheemli beach rushikonda beach is 20km. Here you can experience many water sports activity.Which are temporally closed due to Covid.Also you have to pay 10₹ parking charge here.
Vaibhav Mishra
Vishakhapatnam has many place which can be visited in single day so we planned to explore all places on day 3. We started with going to Rushikonda Beach which was very neat and clean beach. High speed boat ride near Rushikonda beach was very thrilling. This beach is outside city and can be reached via Marine drive of Vishakhapatnam which offers beautiful scenes. Viskhapatnam zoo was nearby so we visited there for sometime.
3. Rushikonda Beach: This is another all time favourite spot for tourists. Golden sands, tidy waves, hills and vast stretch of water makes it a perfect combo with cool breeze as the most needed add-on. Swimming here is a common sight and even you can go for speed boat ride.
Ravindra Vasireddy
I took all the fun of waves and i felt its time i need to say bye. I shake handed with the kids and i tied my luggage on my bike. I changed my costume(i put on my jeans and gear) and started my journey to Rajamundry.I put the maps to Rajamundry and it routed up with vizag port. I really didn't had a chance to take a look when i was on the flyover as there are big walls constructed. I took the bypass and reached the highway. Turned off my gps and it was 1 pm i officially left from vizag. I headed on the AH45 and i was recollecting my memories while travelling. I enjoyed the Godavari district views while riding(the crop, the river, the villages and people). I stopped for my lunch at Payakaraopet and it was around 4 pm. I ordered again for usual meal(don't want to take risk at this time as journey is getting ended). I loved it as it was the best meal i had. They served me on Banana leaf with enough varieties(rice,curry, fry, dal, pickle, sambar, rasam, curd) and the taste is so good that i consumed as much as i can :p. I really ate over there lot and it was a normal good looking hotel. They charged me 70 rs and i really felt its more worth of the amount. Its a 45 mins break and i started to Rajumundry.I planned my halts/ break times after i started from Payakraopet as i need to reach Rajamundry before sun light drops off. So i took only two breaks while riding. I reached Rajamundry by 5.30 pm and all of a sudden i started hearing crazy sound in my rear tyre of my bike. I felt like something went bad and when i checked the mudguard of the tyre is touching the tyre as it had a bent. I recollected and i remember that this happened due to the incident happened in the morning when iam heading vizag from Araku. There was a speed breaker on the road and i saw that all of a sudden when i approached nearer. I was on a good speed but due to the disk in my front tyre i can slow down immediately. But there was a biker coming next to me with good speed he cannot do the same as his bike has drum breaks. He bumped me from the back and there was a situation where my number plate mudguard bent into my tyre. I took that and made it straight but i forgot to check keenly as iam on middle of road. It was the tyre mudguard that bent at the time and it got burnt and tore due to the speed i rode my bike. Luckily i was in Rajumundry and i found a mechanic and asked him to repair it. He said its better to remove that as its not so useful and completely damaged. He removed it and kept it as a memory of mine(he didnt charged anything actually). I reached the railway station as i really felt the hotel was good that i stayed while iam coming. I went and asked for the room but he said the single bed is not available. He said he had a room and it costs 750 rs. I asked him for 600 but he didn't agreed as the actual price is 1000 rs. I convinced him finally for 700 rs and i checked in.