Wahga Border 1/3 by Tripoto

Wahga Border

Aftab Singh
A much discussed place of interest was the Attari Wagah Border about 28 kms from Amritsar. There are continuous and various forms of transport available from the city to the border, and I booked myself a visit. It is the oldest border crossing between India and Pakistan and was an interesting experience at sunset when the 'Retreat Ceremony' took place with the Border Security Force on the Indian Side of the Border displaying their highly skilled salute skills in an attempt to outclass the other side. The daily highlight is the evening "Beating the Retreat Ceremony, in which the soldiers from both countries march in perfect drill, going through the steps of bringing down their respective national flags. As the sun went down, nationalistic fervors rose and lights were switched on marking the end of the day amidst thunderous applause from the huge crowds on either side of the border that had gathered.