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Capitol Hill

Adita PS
If you're traveling to DC by bus, the first image that greets you when you alight at the Union station is this seminal building - seat of legislature - United States Capitol. When we arrived, the visitor center had this long queue of people waiting to get in, even though they were about to close. So after a photo stop, we found ourselves a bench in the park, to relish the image of the white marble structure glowing a fiery red in the setting sun, from afar.
Gargi Vishnoi
We followed some Chinese tourists into the Senate and to our utter surprise they were admitting tourist to see running senate session in session at Capitol Hill. Remember not to carry any liquid, it won't be allowed inside. The place was swarmed my people protesting against Govt shut down too!
The first stop of the evening was the Capitol Hill. There he showed us the map in front of the Capitol Hill ground. The map resembles an owl, a very powerful symbol of the ancient secret societies. Andy said there are many such symbols that lie in front of everybody’s eyes but people seldom recognize them. He said how the Capitol Hill was built and told us the story that during War of 1812, how British had set fire to the entire city but strangely enough it rained very heavily that night which put out most of the fire. This event gave Americans a lot of hope and they believed that it was some kind of divine intervention and they regrouped and fought back against the British. He also talked about the grass which according to him symbolizes life. Also grass can grow anywhere and it actually grows back again after winters. He also spoke about the three symbols The Capitol Hill, The White house and the Washington monument (which signifies freedom) make three corners of a perfect triangle. As Andrew was overwhelming us with information my friend got busy in taking pictures of the spectacular view of the Capitol Hill under lights.