The White House 1/3 by Tripoto
Gargi Vishnoi
Hello Obamas! White house can be seen two-way. frontal and the rare view. Both have their own perfection in beauty and grandaure.
After the Iwo Jima memorial the next and final destination of the evening was the much awaited White House. The immaculate ‘White House’ with bright lights and the lawns looked like a dream come true vision. Only regret was could not see Mr. President or first family. With visit to the White house our tour for the evening came to a grand ending. The night tour was worth every cent. It was not only a visual spectacle but Andy our guide also made it special with his humorous and informative narration. Finally, I would recommend the DC by night tour as a ‘must-see’ for anybody visiting Washington DC. This certainly is not the end of the story I have more so stay tuned…