Perth 1/undefined by Tripoto
Lauren Hughes
Well there is one way to describe Perth and thats Boho! It's a great, proper surfer dude vibe here and lots of stunning beaches (not that I have got to see them all yet). Its a lot more different to what I was expecting though in all seriousness, but I love it. We are staying in a hostel called Underground (from one London to another) and its a bit skanky here. But I am willing to give the hostel a chance and see what happens... So far today we have met some crazy 'dude' from NZ called David who Jen seems to have pulled... (lucky her). I don't think that we will be here for much longer than tonight to be completely honest, as its not the cleanest of places either... we can investigate in the morning though. We are off to Nandos for dinner tonight and then for an early night ready for an early morning tomorrow!
Chris Allbritton
Unfortunately—from a storytelling point of view—there was nothing uncomfortable, palpitating or even vaguely gruesome about my stay in Perth, other than the outrageous prices on everything. It’s a lovely city, lapped by the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean, with spectacular beaches, a decent local music scene and a food environment that, really, is a bit lacking in imagination. Thai and Nepalese are about as outré as it gets. But it’s really the people that I met that made Perth memorable. Sharon, my Couchsurfing host for about nine days, was a total gem. John, the organic gardener and character extraordinaire, was great. And the various other itinerants I met along the way—all under 30 and laboring under what seems to me a pretty exploitive work-holiday visa regime—for the most part delighted me. And a big shout-out to the rodeo crew who made New Year’s a blast.