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Loftus Hall

Clayton and Jessica
Getting Spooked at Loftus Hall: The Most Haunted House in Ireland Loftus Hall has a history that is shrouded in mystery and evil, and it rightfully holds the title as being the most haunted house in all of Ireland. We were given the chance to tour this historic house turned tourist attraction when we were in county Wexford with Fáilte Ireland Located on the barren and lonely hook head peninsula it is the perfect location for the dark and disturbing story that Loftus Hall has to tell. The day we visited Loftus hall couldn’t have been much spookier. Situated just back from cliffs that drop to the sea, the water angrily lashed up with a cold mist and a light fog that made the atmosphere more than just a little eerie. The house stands alone making the ideas of murder, mystery, and ghosts a little too believable. Your ticket into the house is a playing card, with everyone on in your group having a different card. Almost like you are getting marked for something… If these walls could talk I am sure we could hear many historic tales and maybe a few disturbing ones as well. Loftus Hall was built on top of the remains of Redmond lodge built in the 12th century. In its time the house has been a convent,hotel, and private residence. It was privately owned and lived in until 2008 when it was mysteriously abandoned, suddenly in the middle of the night. Not being one who gets spooked easily at these kind of attractions, and coming from America who does Halloween and Haunted so well I was skeptical going in, and not really expecting a fright. But one thing I didn’t count on was it having such an authentic location and eerie landscape, and Loftus Hall has those in spades. It is a peculiar and unsettling house to say the least, I can’t for sure say that it is haunted… that my friend is something you will have to find out for yourself.