Kiliyur Falls 1/2 by Tripoto
June - February
Families, Couples
7 out of 20 attractions in Yercaud

Kiliyur Falls

Akul Bajaj
Since I was a little short on time, after a small break at Pagoda point I rushed towards Kiliyur Waterfalls. Kiliyur is about 15 km from Pagoda point but because of the ghat sections it'll take about 25 min to reach there from Pagoda point. Once there you'll have to park your vehicles near the side shops at the entrance of the falls. From here you have to descend a distance of about 1 km after which there is a flurry of stairs (about 200 of them) and then you'll be able to see Kiliyur falls. When I visited it was off-season so the falls were almost dry and not quite worth the visit. The views are still good and will make you feel like you are in the middle of a forest reserve.
Damini Aggarwal
The beauty of the waterfalls after climbing about 250 steps is mesmerizing.
Steep Climb to the falls!