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Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan Tourism
So, there I was lured everywhere I went. At Nantou County, the second largest county of Taiwan, for instance, I spent a reflective time by the magnificent lake, Sun Moon Lake, an iconic historical wealth of the Taiwanese that is replete with history. It was this very lake that once apparently drew Chiang Kai-Shek to the lake. He fell in love with the lake when he landed in the island, he took refuge in the natural setting as it reminded him of China, his homeland.
No trip to Taiwan is complete without a visit to the mystical Sun Moon Lake, the country’s largest freshwater body. The lake is considered sacred by the local aboriginal people and its name is derived from its distinctive shape, with a rounded main section similar to the sun and a narrow western border comparable to a crescent moon. Sun Moon Lake’s emerald green waters reflect the striking mountainous scenery that surrounds them, creating some of the island’s most enthralling landscapes. Also encircling the lake are numerous temples and picturesque pavilions, gardens and pagodas, each offering a unique perspective on the waters below.