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ashish sadhuka
Breeding of high altitude fish is done at fish farms near Hapoli town, close to Ziro and also worth a visit. In the wake of the unique tourism opportunity that the Ziro valley offers, NABARD has initiated various eco-tourism measures in the region.There are various hotels and resorts in Ziro, making the place complete in its attraction to visitors in terms of stay and activities.The climate in Ziro is mild through the year, making it comfortable to travel all year round. Summer starts from the months of April through June, temperatures ranging from 20 o - 30o Celsius. This season, just before the monsoon, is considered a good time to travel to Ziro. Monsoon is from July to September and the winter season lasts from November to February.
Gauraang Pradhan
We also passed Hapoli, which our passengers informed us about. It is the administrative center and had small hotels and schools. Our destination lay further north, towards what was the 'old' Ziro. This 'new' Ziro had been built in the '50s when the 'old' one had started bursting at the seams. But, it was the old one we were interested in; where we would find Mr. Tatu and interact with the Apatanis.