Around Port Blair .

13th Sep 2018
Photo of Around Port Blair . by Neha Kumari

According to the schedule scheduled today, Ross Island and Mount Harriet had to go. But the incident that took place today is a very good example of this that male soche and Narayana do. And suddenly, in the same family, due to poor health of somebody, my housband had to go from Delhi to Kolkata by modifying his flight, Still, it was made to thank God that this incident happened in the last days of the trip. So we have seen almost all of the main interest places so far. It was a bit of a pity that the notes of twenty rupees taken with them were kept in the hold. Now here we were four people, including two elderly and a small child. Now these people were not ready to go to a more distant and watery place in a situation where they were more distant and watery with little children. Therefore, making a change in the plan, it was decided to see the local port Blair. By the way, we had already seen the main attraction of Jolly Boy Island, Corbin's Cove Beach, Cellular Gail and Museum etc. Now from our scenic spots in our places of visit, Joggers Park, Gandhi Park and Rajiv Gandhi Water Park and Chatham Sau (Aara Mill) were found, in which water sports is organized in Rajiv Gandhi Park, then we go there. There was no special mind. Therefore, today's day did not start with the morning walk but it was still from Joggers Park.

A view of Joggers Park

 Now let's see what's special in Joggers Park

                       As the name suggests, Joggers Park on VIP Road is full of crowds of walkers and jogging in the morning and evening. After having fun with the waves of the sea for quite a while, when the steps begin to waver with tiredness, it may not be a better place than the park to sit in a peaceful environment for four minutes. This place is one of the high places of Port Blair, from which the panoramic views of the city can be seen. The biggest feature of this place is to be only one kilometer away from Veer Savarkar Airport. Sitting comfortably in a peaceful environment, the aircrafts can see flying and land being there. The park is open from 5:30 AM to 8 PM. The most interesting thing is that there is no fee to go here. Runway on the runway, runway, every activity of the incoming airplanes can be monitored, although we were not so fortunate that the flyer or the land would be able to see the ship, as the guided flights come here. There was a lot of time in the morning to come. The hard sun was not being stopped for a long time. So, the idea of ​​taking photos of the front-facing runway. If the camera came out of pocket in such a case then it was detected that its memory card is missing, and once again the camera of several years old mobile camera. Its result is in front of you.