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location iconNoida
Hindu(Jaat) by birth, shooting coach and teacher by profession and traveller by passion. I like to travel to the roads that are less travelled and get to know the secret tales behind them. Till now my love for rifle and shooting game had helped me explore many places and it has been an amazing journey so far where I learnt about different cultures,people,animals and rediscoved myself and overcomed my fears... I want to teach my students the art of living and help them to rediscover themselves and explore beyond books and internet.. I love to share my experience with my students and other people in my favorite language Hindi... as being an Indian.. I love to speak in Hindi as it's the language which help me speak up whatever is in my mind and even don't hesitate in speaking in my mother tongue Infront of anyone. l also want to tell them that "TRAVELLING IS THE BEST EDUCATION I want to inspire them to enjoy little things that the nature/ world offer us in this short span of life... as we had been given feet instead of roots .. and that there is a whole book lying to be explored so just not stay on one page... So stay travelling.. explore more as life is a journey that need to be made memorable for us and the other around us