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History: Puranmal, the Raja of Gidhour added this but he took the credit for the building of the main temple. We find an inscription in which the name of Purana has been referred to this temple. This whole area of Deoghar was under the rule of the Raja of Gidhour and the Raja of Gidhour are very much attached with this temple. It is believed that this part of the temple was built by Maharaja of Gidhour. A little unknow fact: "In the religious and cultural history of Deoghar, there is a place on the north-east of Shivganga which was famous as 'Data Ka Jungle'. In the past there was dence forest here. Data Saheb was a muslim Fakir. He was Bhakta to Baidyanath. Every day he used to offer flowers and Vilva in the hands of priest to please Lord Baidyanath. He used to come in the campus of Deoghar temple and offer flowers to priests and Priests offer them to the lingam. There is still lying Mazar of Data Saheb. Once in a year Urs was offered on the Mazar of Data Saheb." So one can say "Baidyanath is a centre and symbol of Sarva Dharma Sambhava (respect for all religions)". The best time to visit is from Oct to March end.

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