22 Amazing Places To Visit Near Kolkata For A Great Weekend Getaway



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Weekend getaways are always a refreshing change from city life. If you live in this historic city, then you are aware of its charm, but every now and then you need a getaway to escape the chaotic life here.

At first glance it might not seem like there are a lot of options for places to visit near Kolkata, but West Bengal is a treasure trove of destinations for those who love to travel. There are several places within 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500km of the city that make for great short trips from Kolkata.

For an unforgettable vacation, here are places, all in close proximity of Kolkata, and super affordable, that you absolutely cannot miss.

Places to visit near Kolkata within 50-100 km

Located at the mouth of the river Hooghly, Diamond Harbour is the place from where you can witness its confluence with the Bay of Bengal. This is where the Hooghly river turns towards the Bay of Bengal, giving it a sea-like appearance. Given its proximity to Kolkata, Diamond Harbour is a popular picnic spot for city-folk. You can come here for spending a relaxed day and watch ships being docked in the harbour.

Best things to do: Sit at the banks of the river and enjoy a picnic, go for a boat ride, try the mouth-watering Hilsa at the nearby restaurants, visit the abandoned Portuguese fort.

Where to stay: Ganga Kutir, Casa Nano

How to reach: Several trains connect Kolkata to Diamond Harbour daily. It is about an hour-and-a-half-long journey. Since it is so close, you can also take a bus or cab from Kolkata.

Distance from Kolkata: 50km

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Photo of Tarkeshwar, West Bengal, India by Saurav

Tarkeshwar Temple is an important place of worship in Bengal and especially for the Shaivite sect. The Tarkeshwar Temple is a beautiful pilgrimage site on the banks of Ganges. It was built by Raja Bharamalla in the 18th Century.

The temple can be visited the whole year round but the time of Shivaratri has a different charm altogether. There is also a fair that is organised at this time every year.

Monday is considered to be the most auspicious day to visit the temple, and bathing in the Dudhpukur Tank is a holy ritual followed by worshippers. It is said that the waters of the tank have divine powers which can fulfil your wishes.

Best things to do: Visit the Tarakeswar temple, take a dip in the holy Dudhpukur tank, pay a visit to the Buddha temple

Where to stay: Tarakeswar Lodge, Amar Mati Village Retreat

How to reach: One can take a train from Howrah to Tarakeswar Railway station. Since the distance is small, one can even book a cab or reach here by bus

Distance from Kolkata: 62km

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Photo of Khanyan, West Bengal, India by Saurav

The Itachuna Rajbari was built by the predecessors of Safallya Narayan Kundu in the year 1766 in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. Khanyan, a small village away from Kolkata falls in the district and that’s exactly where the Rajbari (palace) is built. The village has been sponsoring rural tourism ever since it got famous recognition after the shooting of the Bollywood film ‘Gunday’.

Best things to do: Unwind at the Itachuna Rajbari palace of the Bollywood film 'Gunday' fame

Where to stay: Itachuna Rajbari

How to reach: Board any Burdwan bound train via main line or Memari /Pandua local from Howrah Station. Deboard at Khanyan railway station(2km). From there, take an auto to reach Itachuna Rajbari

Distance from Kolkata: 77km

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Photo of Taki Golpata Forest, Taki to Taki Ghat Road, Taki, West Bengal, India by Saurav

One of the least known places around Kolkata but certainly one of the most peaceful, is the Golpatar Jungle. This place flourishes with an abundance of Golpatar and Sundari trees. Lying on the fringes of the Bangladeshi border, the Ichhamati river separates it from India. Enjoy boat rides on the river and get as close to Bangladesh as you can or rest in a bagan bari near the banks. Do remember to carry a proof of identity card as you might need to deposit it at a BSF checkpoint located along the way to the forest.

Best things to do: Enjoy the mid river experience of meeting the countrymen of Bangladesh, visit the ruins of zamindar houses, Ramakrishna Missions, Kuleshwari Kali temple, 300 years old Jora Shiv Mandir and General Shankar Roychowdhury’s adi bari

Where to stay: There aren't many places to stay here. So it's better to leave from Kolkata early morning and return back in the evening

How to reach: One can board the local train from Sealdah till Taki Railway station. From there the journey can be continued by motor vans or rickshaws

Distance from Kolkata: 80km

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Photo of Haldia, West Bengal, India by Saurav

Often known as just a river port, Haldia has more to offer than just being a major trade route. With a great balance of natural wonders and heritage locations, it offers a great getaway from the city for the weekend. You can have some unique places to explore and get to interact with simple yet wonderful people.

Best things to do: Visit Mahishadal Rajbari and Gopalajew Temple, spend some time along the marine drive, witness ships at the Haldia dock and port, watch the sunset from the river side.

Where to stay: Golden Retreat, Prayag Balaji Hotel

How to reach: There are daily trains from Kolkata to Haldia and take about 2 hours to reach. You can easily opt for a taxi or bus since the distance is not too much.

Distance from Kolkata: 91km

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Places to visit near Kolkata within 200 km


Photo of Sundarbans by Saurav

Sunderbans offers travellers an opportunity to explore a fascinating terrain of swamp forests and jungles. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park is spread over 54 tiny islands and is home to a variety of flora and fauna.

The mangroves are home to several endangered mammals such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, jungle fowl and Siberian ducks. If you are lucky, you might also spot Batagur baska, king crab and Olive Ridley turtle.

Sunderbans have the largest mangrove forest in the world and is easily one of the best place to visit near Kolkata. If you love seafood, then work up a great appetite as one gets nothing but the freshest catch of fish, lobsters and prawn here.

Best things to do: Explore the mangrove forests and spot endangered mammals such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, jungle fowl and Siberian ducks. Visit the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, Sagar Lighthouse and Dublar Char Island

Where to stay: Sundar Resort, Sunderban Tiger Camp

How to reach: Board a local train from Sealdah to Canning, which is 48km away from Sunderbans. Local vans are available from Canning to Godkhali Jetty, where the boat journey to the the Sundarbans starts from

Distance from Kolkata: 109km

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Photo of Bardhaman, West Bengal, India by Saurav

Bardhaman is the ideal weekend getaway with its convergence of religion, nature, man-made marvels and the well-known old world charm. This unique Bengali town has a flair that you might not be able to find anywhere else. With its slow paced but splendour-filled life, it is sure to attract you.

Best things to do: Spend a day at Gopal Bagh, visit 108 Shiv Mandir, witness deer in their natural environment at Deer Park, marvel at the architecture of Rajbati

Where to stay: Sinclairs Burdwan

How to reach: Bardhaman is about an hour's train journey from Kolkata. There are 39 direct trains from Kolkata to Bardhaman. You can also take the state transport buses, which ply daily in addition to cabs.

Distance from Kolkata: 113km

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Photo of Nabadwip, West Bengal, India by Saurav

Nabadwip is a cluster of nine islands located on the banks of the Ganges in West Bengal. With almost 200 temples concentrated in this rural setting of scattered forests, orchid strewn paths, and small villages, you will get a sense of peace and calm intertwined with devotion. It is a getaway that will take you back in time.

Best things to do: Visit the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math and ISKCON Temple, take a tour of the Purbasthali Bird Sanctuary, watch the sunset from the banks of the Ganges

Where to stay: Jahnavi Kunja, Jagannath Guest House

How to reach: There are 12 direct trains from Kolkata to Nabadwip that depart at various times during the day. WBTC also has regular bus service to Nabadwip. If you want, you can also take a cab.

Distance from Kolkata: 115km

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Photo of Bakkhali, West Bengal, India by Saurav

When the city life gets too much to bear, one of the best places to visit near Kolkata within 200 kms is Bakkhali. This quaint beach town is located on the West Bengal coast. Take a short trip to Bakkhali and indulge in the local cuisine of the area. The seafood is fresh from the sea. The place is famous for its long stretches of clean beaches which you can have all to yourself if visited during off season. This place is fuss-free and travellers can enjoy the solitude Bakkhali is known for. Bakkhali derives its name from the word bak, or red-beaked seagull which can be found in the area.

Best things to do: Soothe your mind by relaxing on the quiet, white-sand beaches, visit Bishalakshmi Temple and Crocodile Park

Where to stay: Hotel Deepak, Hotel Dolphin Bakkhali

How to reach: WBTC has regular bus service from Dharmatala to Bakkhali. The nearest railway station is Namkhana(25km). There are regular trains from Sealdah. From Namkhana station you will get a van rickshaw to reach the place from where you need to cross a narrow creek in a small boat

Distance from Kolkata: 126km

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Photo of Joypur Forest Resort - Banalata, Joypur, West Bengal, India by Saurav

If your idea of a perfect getaway is dwelling amongst the splendour of nature and wildlife then Joypur Forest is just the place for you. Situated in the Bankura district of West Bengal it is just a 3 hour journey from Kolkata. Sal, teak and neem trees make up the dense jungles of the forest.

Best things to do: Visit the wildlife sanctuary inside the forest and watch the deer herds cross the jungle path every now and then, soak in the quietude of the forest

Where to stay: Banalata Resort

How to reach: Take a train from Howrah and reach Bishnupur railway station(19km). From there, hire a private taxi to reach Joypur forest

Distance from Kolkata: 127km

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Photo of Henry Island, West Bengal, India by Saurav

Henry’s Beach is a mangrove forest that is perfect for some alone time. It is situated on the western edge of the popular Sundarbans. It is fast becoming known as West Bengal’s favourite beach destination. It is perfect for nature walks, bonfire nights and bird watching. Overlooking the Ganges, boat rides here are popular around the time of sunset, and is a suggested activity by everyone who has been here.

Best things to do: Take a stroll on the beach, spot birds and red crabs, enjoy the sunset and watch fishermen catch fish. You can also get to the watchtower and get a panoramic view of the island

Where to stay: Hotel De'Rudrani, Hotel Dolphin Bakkhali

How to reach: Board a train from Sealdah and get down at Namkhana railway station(26km). Alternatively, take a bus from Esplanade to Namkhana. From there, hire a van to reach Henry’s Island from the station

Distance from Kolkata: 140km

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Photo of Bishnupur, West Bengal, India by Saurav

The land of the Malla Kings at one time, this is a beautiful town in the Bankura District. This small village is located on a ridge at around 7,000ft between Meanam and Tendong hills. The town is famous for the Bishnupur designed silk sarees and terracotta items made by the locals. There are also a number of temples such as the Shyamrai Temple, which is the largest temple here and was built by King Raghunatha Singha. It has murals and carvings based on the life of Lord Krishna.

Best things to do: Embark on a religious trail by visiting the temples of Shyamrai, Jorebangla and Radha Govinda. Admire the architecture of Rasmancha and Gate of Old Fort. You can also visit Bishnupur Museum and Keibul Lamjao National Park

Where to stay: Hotel Saptarshi, Hotel Saptaparna

How to reach: Board a direct bus from Esplanade that goes till Bishnupur or you can take a direct train to Bishnupur that depart from Howrah

Distance from Kolkata: 142km

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Photo of Santiniketan, West Bengal, India by Saurav

Once the peaceful abode of Bengal’s famed poet Rabindranath Tagore, Santiniketan still exudes a peaceful calm and culture. Also known for its celebration of festivals like Poush Mela in December and Basanta Utsav. Santiniketan is one of the more well-known place from Kolkata. If you wish to get acquainted with Bengali culture and literature then you must visit this place.

Best things to do: Tagore’s Ashram, Rabindra Bhavan museum and the Visva Bharati University, one of the finest universities of Bengal, are just some places you might want to see. There is also the deer park and natural bird sanctuary if you want to spend your day admiring the nature.

Where to stay: Dancinglights home stay, Himanjali Resort

How to reach: You can catch a train from Howrah or Sealdah that connects to the railway station in Santiniketan, Bolpur. If you're coming by bus, you have to get down near Panagarh and board a bus going to Santiniketan.

Distance from Kolkata: 162km

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Photo of Mandarmani, West Bengal, India by Saurav

Mandarmani is situated at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. Its 13km long beach which is argued to be the longest motorable beach stretch in India holds the greatest attraction. Its calm waters with low waves make it ideal to wallow in all day long. The entire calm which descends upon this place is enough to rejuvenate your spirits.

Best things to do: Chill by the Mandarmani beach. If you're an adventure-seeker, you can indulge in activities such as ATV ride, jestski, sea boat, para-sailing, bump-boat, banana boat. Since it's a drive-in beach, you can drive your car on the beach

Where to stay: Sunview Resort, Aqua Marina Drive Inn

How to reach: Catch a bus from Esplanade or Howrah headed for Chaulkhola, or any bus headed towards Digha. From Chaulkhola there are cycle-rickshaws and auto-rickshaw which you can take to Mandarmani. The nearest railway station is at Digha(30km)

Distance from Kolkata: 171km

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Photo of Tajpur, West Bengal, India by Saurav

A lesser known beach destination of West Bengal which is just 17km from Digha is Tajpur. Encompassed by a dense forest, Tajpur is a delight for visitors looking for some adventure. Closer to the popular sea beach of Digha in West Bengal is Tajpur- another beautiful but popular beach. Filled with red crabs, it might not be an ideal beach to take a dive in, but you can take peaceful strolls to make the best of Digha.

Best things to do: You can simply laze around on the beach or take an early morning stroll on the stretch of sand if you want to catch an army of red crabs scrambling about. You can also indulge in adventure sports such as rafting, rock-climbing and paragliding

Where to stay: Moon View Resort, Dolphin Beach Resort

How to reach: Board a Digha-bound bus from Esplanade and get off at Balisai bus stop. Take a cab or aut0-rickshaw, which will take you 15 minutes to reach Tajpur. The nearest railway station is at Digha(18km)

Distance from Kolkata: 173km

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Most of the places near Kolkata do not match up to Shankarpur’s charm of vast beaches. While most beaches near the city tend to get crowded with people during the season, Shankarpur remains calm. The place is known for its scenic beauty and its picturesque surroundings that gives it an edge over other beach destinations in West Bengal.

Best things to do: Enjoy taking long strolls along the isolated beaches with calm winds blowing in your direction.

Where to stay: Hotel Sea Sand, Hotel MPR

How to reach: The nearest railway station is Digha(15km). If you're coming by bus, take a Digha bound bus and get off at Chaulkhola bus stand. From there, hire a cab or auto-rickshaw

Distance from Kolkata: 176km

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A beach vacation is always a good idea. Situated in Barbaria district of Odisha, Talsari Beach is a great place to unwind and get away from the rush of the city.

The pristine, serene surroundings and spectacular sights make a blissful getaway from Kolkata within 200 kms. There are quite a few secret beaches around Kolkata, beaches that are free from litter and crowds, and calm your nerves – Talsari is a combination of all three.

This virgin beach is also home to sand dunes, relaxing waves and a line of palm trees, cashew trees and coconut trees. Talsari Beach is also regarded as the last beach on the north east coast of India.

Best things to do: Soak in the calmness of the beach, admire the cashew trees, watch the activity of fish-catching, and spot red crabs

Where to stay: Hotel S.T. Apple, Hotel Coral Digha

How to reach: The nearest railway station is Digha(8km) from where you can take an auto rickshaw

Distance from Kolkata: 191km

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Places to Visit near Kolkata Within 300km


Photo of Jhargram, West Bengal, India by Saurav

Jhargram is a part of the Chota Nagpur Plateau region, which lies beyond the Gangetic plains close to the western borders of West Bengal. It is a paradise for nature lovers at is extremely rich in flora and fauna. If you're looking to getaway for a couple of days from the hustle-bustle of city life, then this is the place for you.

Best things to do: Go on treks in the Sal forests of Baradih, watch teh sunset from the top of Baradih hill, have a picnic on the banks of river Kansabati, spend time bird-watching in the forest, go for a visit to the surrounding tribal villages.

Where to stay: Eshani Hotels & Guesthouse, The Palace Jhargram

How to reach: There are several direct trains daily from Kolkata to Jhargram and the journey takes about two-and-a-half hours. You can also reach here by road by taking a bus or cab, which usually takes around 4 hours.

Distance from Kolkata: 213km

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Photo of Baripada, Odisha, India by Saurav

Best things to do: Visit the famous Jagannath Temple, see the palaces of the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj District, witness the beautiful glasswork at Jwalamukhi Temple, see the Similipal Biosphere Reserve.

Where to stay: Hotel Swagat

How to reach: Luxury buses ply daily from Kolkata and take about five hours to reach. You can also book a cab. If you're taking the train, you will have to take connecting trains first from Kolkata to Balasore and then from Balasore to Baripada.

Distance from Kolkata: 239km

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Photo of Murshidabad, West Bengal, India by Saurav

The city of Murshidabad in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal has seen a rich history right from the time of the Mughal Empire. Get a taste of a long gone era when you visit its historical places like the Hazarduari Palace, Nazamat Imambara, Katra and Madina mosques, Jafarganj cemetery and Khush Bagh cemetery which houses the graves of the Nawab Ali Vardi Khan and his mother Siraj ud Daulah. The place has a glorious past is a welcome change from city life.

Best things to do: Hazarduari Palace Museum, Katra Masjid, Kathgola Gardens, Motijheel Park, Khosh Bagh, and Nasipur Palace are amongst the top attractions

Where to stay: Samriddhi Banquet Garden & Resorts, The Sugarr & Spice Roopkatha

How to reach: You can board a direct state transport bus from Sealdah to Murshidabad or reach here by train. Murshidabad railway station is right in the center of the town

Distance from Kolkata: 239km

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Take a drive down to Chandipur in nearby Orissa and give yourself up to the calm and serenity which this place offers. Clean beaches and clear waters have turned Chandipur into a popular beach destination. Watch red crabs and horse-shoe crabs crawl in and out of the sand as you take a walk along the beach marked by Casuarina trees. The Bhitarkanika delta region is another experience in itself with its thriving forests and wildlife.

Best things to do: Enjoy a boat ride to the Bhitarkanika delta as you visit the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary for a glimpse of endangered and exotic species of wildlife as well as resident and migrant birds.

Where to stay: Hotel Sand City, Yatri Nivas

How to reach: The nearest railway station is Balasore(13km) from where you can take a cab or auto-rickshaw

Distance from Kolkata: 258km

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Places to Visit near Kolkata Within 500-700km

An escape to the hills is always welcome. Kalimpong is a hill-town 50 kilometres from Darjeeling and is home to Buddhist monasteries, multiple nurseries and flower markets. If you have time, you can even visit Darjeeling, a popular hill station.

Best things to do: Deolo Hill, Golf Course, Cactus Nursery, are amongst the best places to visit

Where to stay: Shikher Guest House, Sinclairs Retreat Kalimpong

How to reach: Board a train from Sealdah or Howrah till New Jalpaiguri. From there, hire a cab to reach Kalimpong

Distance from Kolkata: 624km

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Ravangla is now a well-known natural tourist destination. Once there, you can get spectacular views of snow while enjoying the tranquillity of the place. It is located in South Sikkim and is perfect for an extended getaway away from Kolkata. The best time to visit would be February. You must also make a visit to Borong hot spring in the village.

Best things to do: Buddha Park, Samdruptse Hill, Ralong Monastery, and Ralong Hot Springs are the top attractions here

Where to stay: Hilltop Rabong Resort, Cloud's End

How to reach: Board a train from Sealdah or Howrah to New Jalpaiguri. From there, hire a cab till Ravangla

Distance from Kolkata: 670km

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Kolkata is not short on places to visit for quick places to visit near Kolkata. These destinations offer everything and more to cater to one’s whims and fancies. All you need is a sleeping bag and you’re good to go. When long extended trips are impossible these places to visit near Kolkata make it possible to fit in a short trip with equal pleasure.

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