BOL BAM All The Way!!!

15th Jul 2014
Photo of BOL BAM All The Way!!! 1/1 by Harsh Agarwal
Lord Shiva

                                                                                                                     10 MINUTES= A YEAR!

                                                                                                        Bol BAM!!! 

This Title is a jargon right? To most of my readers it would sound something utter ridiculous and no relevance sort of a material! But I would say why not give it a try and read through the whole thing!  (Afterall I am the writer so I can afford to promote it a tiny bit!!) The first line of the heading is scientifically unacceptable and the later one being unknown to almost 97% of the total world’s population! But here I am talking about one of my life’s most insanely crazy wicked trips that I ever had! And all this happened in my own country the “Incredible India”! Now for all those who don’t know let me specify one thing, Indians are outrageously religious! Gods, Goddesses, Religion all these things play an extremely vital role in every inhabitant’s life in India. It is believed that the Hindu Religion has around 330 million Gods and other superpowers! Freakingly Enormous numbers! And Lord Shiva is considered to be the lord of the lords i.e. he is considered to be the Ultimate God. Not that others are considered any less but he is worshiped as the de facto God! So in order to celebrate his supremacy, every year in the month of July-August which are known as the month of “Sawan”, people pour in from different parts of the country to the holy city of ‘Deoghar’ in Jharkhand which in Hindi literally means” the abode of God” .The size of the city is way too small compared to the number of devotees who turn up every year. And this is the crazy part! This is the cause of the “Orange rampant”! Why Orange and Why Rampant?!  All the devotees coming here wear orange coloured attire completely from tip to toe. You can say this is like an unofficial dresscode! There are people around everywhere. Too many people. Way too many!!! When I was inside the shrine all that I could see was the head of the other devotees in that dingy alleyway and nothing else! I was squeezed in between two hefty men with their sweat literally dripping all over me! Neither I could move left nor right, I was just being carried along with the crowd! I was sweating so much that I could have filled an entire swimming pool with my sweat! I smelt the worst that a man could ever. Each and every joint of my body ached like my body is going to break then and there! And For a hardly 5 second glimpse of the deity of lord Shiva I had to bear all this! Those 10 minutes inside there seemed like a never ending chaos and when I finally came out it felt like I had spent almost a year there!

Nonetheless amidst all these crisis there was something mystical about this journey. Though I wasn’t in the best of my shapes after that herculean trip of mine but I never felt like giving up upon it also! The chants of “bol bam bol bam” may not be music to your ears but it surely does the trick! It was “Bol bam” all the way!