Sri Lanka Tourism and Travel Guide

Sri Lanka tourism has gone through drastic changes in the last few decades. From a fairly unexplored destination to one of the most loved countries, the island has made its way into the itineraries of world travellers. Natural beauty, timeless charm, hoards of elephants, tea plantations and UNESCO World Heritage sites come together to take you on what travellers call “an unexpected journey”. The charming island nation of Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, southeast of the Arabian Sea. Blessed with a rich history of over 3,000 years, it is one of the most important Buddhist centres in the world. Taking you through the architectural marvels of Galle and Trincomalee, encouraging you to soak in the beauty of Kandy's sacred temples and nudging the explorer in you to traverse through verdant national parks – Sri Lanka tourism brings to life every traveller’s dream. Rising above its conflicted past, the country has emerged stronger and is in the midst of a huge wave of development. Connecting its villages with urban towns, the country offers travellers an intriguing mix of natural beauty, culture and spirituality. A country is made of its people and even though the perennial conflict between Tamilians and Sinhalese remains strong – as a visitor you’ll only receive warmth and love from the locals. A melting pot of cultures and ethnicities is in fact what gives Sri Lanka its unique identity and has boosted Sri Lanka tourism. Despite numerous challenges and hardships, Sri Lanka tourism continues to thrive and people from across the world continue to visit this land of archaic legends and palm-fringed beaches.
Best time to visit

Peak season to visit Sri Lanka is December to March when the country sees little to no rain and the temperatures are warm and pleasant throughout.


For Budget Travellers: INR 500-700 a day

For Mid-range Travellers: INR 1500-2000 a day

For Luxury Travellers: INR 6,000 and upwards

Visa Info

Before setting off for Sri Lanka, apply for a 30-day visa online. Log on to the Electronic Travel Authority website for this.

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