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DAY6 KEYLONG TO SARCHUHellooo everyone , we were very exicted and scared also we wokeup at 6 am started quickly we geared up and packed all our stuff we had only tea because no one is the to make a breakfast. okay we started our journey towards leh ,we planned to reach leh today but god made another plans ,roads were beautifull well maintained ,people of ladakh region was vry helpfull ,food and acco is not so expensive so just to find the right place do survey bargaining thats it .we stopped for our breakfast at9:30 am at demon restaurant in small town not rememred ther name ,old couple running that place we had aloo prantha 50 rupees each and tea after that we started again ,good roads ,bad roads,no roads ,water crossing we saw every thing in this patch heading toward baralachla snow walls ,cold weather ,scary roads ,frozen lake ,finally we reached baralachala you will not believe there was traffic jam because of accident of car and truck and it took 2 hours to clear that traffic by civilions ,one of our friend is running short of oxygen ,then we give her a oxygen ,as we carried with 3 oxygen cylinder it is must i personally used it and recomended to all ,if you are fit enough still carry one ,we dont we emergency can happen, then we clicked a picture and moved on ,we took a break after baralachla for tea and food for 30 mintues after that pitstop there was grand water crossing ,its look like a river itself ,means giving up time ,but we faced it and win it means it was huge and flow of water is so fast it can take you with him ,water is on our knee level imagine cold water ,all around ice ,in my group only i have gum boot so everyones feet get wet and in ladakh it was not possible to ride with wet shoes but we dont have any option ,we continued our journey then cross more plains where we witnessed the snow fall thunderstrom what i suggest everyone in carry water proof shoes,gloves,rain from decathlon is must forget everything 3 things you should carry,okay again we have to stop for rain coat and all .around 4 pm we reached a sarchu check post and weather was really bad ,policeman guides not go ahead because last year they rescued 800 people from there its better to stay in sarchu but we were confused we have to reach leh by night but then we plan to reach pang but one of my friend was in really bad health condition and other with wet foot they also feeling same ,sarchu is place with low oxygen and famous for its bad weather and freezing wind,most of the riders or tourists dont want to stay there beacuse of it ,in case of emergency only stay in sarchu otherwise move as quickly as you can ,we got the room with steel sheets ,cool wind crossing through our room ,no one is feeling well,we parked our bike just outside our room and we dont energy to put luggage inside our room ,we left on our bikes than we had tea ordred dinner 6 o'clock and went sleep and guys pls take one diamox after Manali ,daimox is only medicine which keeps you alive everyone recommend it ,I took daily daimox after Manali. Hardest day and night

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