This Autum, Head To These 5 Breathtaking Places In Kashmir For A Mystical Experience

Photo of This Autum, Head To These 5 Breathtaking Places In Kashmir For A Mystical Experience by Nargis Farheena

“Autumn is approaching and I am beginning to fall again”

Autumn is called ‘Harud’ in Kashmiri - which basically is the time of harvest, and indeed, it is visually the most awe-striking of all the seasons. This is also the shortest of all seasons, stretching between mid-October to mid-November.

This season is known for two of the most marvelous things in Kashmir:

One, the flowering of saffron.

Second, the reddening of Chinar leaves. Autumn creates a mystic aura in the valley with leaves bidding goodbye to their various shades of green, slowly turning to golden and then reddish orange before turning brown and finally embracing the end and falling to the ground. This season is accompanied by misty mornings and evenings, having a cool nip in the air, reminding us of the winters but the days are still warm, pleasant, and sunny.

Here are the best places to witness the grandeur of Autumn in the valley!

The whole valley turns into a golden heaven during the Autumn and it's worth visiting, to witness the mystic fall at its very best.

1) Kashmir University Campus

Photo of University of Kashmir, Srinagar by Nargis Farheena

The Kashmir University Campus in Srinagar, particularly the Naseem Bagh area, boasts the glorious stands of Chinar and has more than 1000 trees. When you walk on the fallen leaves, they create a beautiful sound which is so soothing that it'll make you forget the chaos of the city.

The colors are so vibrant, that you might just begin to doubt if you are in the India or walking around some European town! There are some green-colored buildings and the red leaves of Chinar on them just present a perfect color combination for the eyes to behold. Needless to say, your Insta-feed would just pop up with photographs from this place!

2) Chinar Park, Dal Gate

Photo of Dal Lake, Srinagar by Nargis Farheena

This, undoubtedly, is my favorite Autumn spot in Srinagar.

Here Autumn tucks you into its very woodland home and makes your wanderer soul feel at home. This park is located in the very heart of Srinagar and is easy to reach. The mighty chinars, wooden bridges (some of them broken as well) the Jhelum running ,by the side and some houseboats silently resting by the fence makes it a magical spot.

3) Mughal Gardens, Srinagar

Photo of Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden, Srinagar by Nargis Farheena

The Mughal Gardens dresses up differently during Autumn. No doubt it looks amazing throughout the year, but the colors of fall just enhances the beauty, creating an aura that lasts longer than life in the memory.

These gardens become a photographer’s paradise during the fall and tourists from all over the world come to experience this unique and magical beauty.

4) Dachigam National Park

Courtesy: Xulkarnain

Photo of Dachigam National Park Road, New Theed by Nargis Farheena

Apart from being home to rescued black bears and snow leopards, this places get painted in shades of yellow and orange during Autumn, with the gushing stream and the chirping of birds adding a charm to the entire place. You can simply take a walk down the jungle trails, listening to the chorus of the crickets and enjoy the freshness that lingers in the air.

This park is 23 km from Srinagar and takes about an hour to reach from the city.

5) Narang

Photo of This Autum, Head To These 5 Breathtaking Places In Kashmir For A Mystical Experience by Nargis Farheena

Apart from the above-mentioned places, Narang can be that perfect getaway away from the crowded city and represents autumn in its own uniqueness. Its thick forest presents a beautiful picture of green and yellow which is treat to the eyes. Narang also has a river flowing through it, and the unending trails drenched in the fall colors make it one of the must places in Kashmir during this time of the year.

Let me conclude this with a few lines for Autumn: “Whenever the fall showers shades of gold on your soul, absorb them with all humility and enhance your ability to reflect this radiance for seasons to come, surely you will find the world around a glow in the darkest of hours."

Have you been to Kashmir during fall? If not, then this time, you should definitely plan to visit and witness the beauty of nature at its best.

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