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Tip number II- How to reach Aihole?...

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We then reached Aihole in some time, where we hired services of a tourist guide who told us about the history associated with the place....

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A beautiful temple structure with some artistic sculptures within the temple as well as on the outer walls n ceiling as wellHow to reach?Simple, just climb aboard any auto that takes you to aihole, as for me I did the same, just outside the Pattadakal group of temples.
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Its bit far away from Durga Temple complex, but near to Ravanphadi cave complex.As this is not visible from the main road, unless you follow the concrete path that goes towards Ravanphadi cave.
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About Aihole

This is a small village in the Bagalkot District of Karnataka and mainly known for the very famous Durga Temple and some other temples which are situated in this village. There are around 125 temples scattered all around this small village. There are temples also in the fields around this place. A famous writer once termed this beautiful place as "The Cradle of Temple Architecture in India". This place was the earliest capital of the Chalukya Dynasty and also an important trade center before Pulakesin II shifted his capital to Badami after the Chalukyas' decline. The mythological origin of this village says that Lord Parashurama, after fulfilling his vow of avenging his fathers' murder came down to the Malaprabha River to wash down his blood stained axe and hands. It is said that this is when the waters of the river turned completely red due to the blood and an old lady shouted "Ayya! Hole" meaning "Oh! No, blood". Thus the name Ayyahole which is the present day Aihole.

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