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Indulge in the unique tribal cuisine of BastarAdivasis of Bastar use ingredients available locally. And, no they don't go to grocery stores or markets to buy ingredients. They go to the jungle to find the bounty of nature. They utilise unnamed delicious forest greens, wild mushrooms, strange yet appetising tubers, wild animals, wild rice, exotic vegetables and fruits.If you are on a strict liquid diet then you can sip down some local fermentation. Tadi (palm wine), mahua (floral liquor), salfi (rice beer) and a couple more. They all have a unique flavour and potency level. They can be bought in tribal markets.Fun Fact - Tribal disputes are often settled by bottles of liquorVisit the haats of Bastar to witness local colour and cultureHaats are weekly tribal markets where the adivasis from nearby hills and forests come to sell their wares. These haats take place in different villages on different days. Visiting these haats is a great way to observe the different tribes of Bastar. You can buy tribal liquor, local produce, and taste local delicacies at these haats.Haats are also a good place to buy local artworks. The Kosa cotton fabric available at these haats is carefully woven by the adivasis from nearby villages. It is also the ideal place to photograph different tribes. Just use a long zoom lens since the adivasis don't like getting photographed.

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