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Bled castle perched high above the lake. ...

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There are only two buses from Bled at 0900 and 1000, the other people visit by car....

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The utmost pristine and supremely beautiful place i've ever seen - Bled and Bohinj! Bled - An Alpine Lake resort famous for a picturesque island in the middle of the lake, a beautiful church on it and an old castle on a rock..above it!
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On reaching Vienna , the temperature was 8 degrees and the slight drizzle , it was a wonderful welcome by the rain Gods and our tour guide Ronnie Palia was an upfront person who briefed us as soon as we got into the tour bus .We were told about the do's and dont'sand were taken to an Indian restaurant for dinner and then Hotel Trend Pyramid which i would say is a bit off the city , but since we had the tour bus which stayed with us all along the tour , there was'nt much a problem .It was a group of 35 people and we were lodged comfortably in our rooms . Since we reached late evening , there wasnt  much to do that evening , so we called it a day.

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My next destination was Bled, in Slovenia. I promised towards the end of Part 1 of my post that the trip from there got only interesting, and here is why. While in Venice and researching on how to get to Bled, I realized that there is no cross-country train service between Italy and Slovenia. The only convenient way I could get to Bled from Venice was by taking a train to Gorizia, taking a bus (Bus 100) from Gorizia to Nova Gorica (in Slovenia), and then taking a train from Nova Gorica to Bled Jezero. While it doesn't sound that complicated, neither it actually was, but it took me almost the entire day to get to Bled. Leaving Venice around 9AM, I reached Bled only around 5.30PM.The travel, however, was smooth and enjoyable. Especially, my train journey from Nova Gorica to Bled Jezero. I was on a train which had 3 coaches in total and almost as much people in each coach. The train traversed some beautiful landscape, and the first sign of snow started to show.I guess, by now, you are wondering why did I choose to visit Bled. Most of you might not have heard about Bled, and honestly, neither did I, until I started looking up places to visit east of Italy. Well, for one simple reason, and it's this.

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