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Looking For Originality In Brussels you have a lot of original restaurants....

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Gudula is a prominent fixture in the Brussels cityscape....

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Top Places To Visit in Brussels 481 Spots

Brussels, Brussels 1000
Surrounded by scores of restaurants,ancient buildings...This place certainly has an old worlds charm.
2 Reviews
Atomium Square, Laeken, Brussels 1020
A little disappointing but nevertheless a good view
4 Reviews

About Brussels

We took an early morning bus (7am) from Paris to Brussels. We reached Brussels at around 10 am and proceeded to our AirBnB accommodation. We spent just one day at Brussels. We first visited Grand Palais and then walked around till Mannekin Pis statue. There is a Tin Tin Mural at a walking distance. There are awesome Belgian waffles and chocolate shops in the city center. We then took a tram till Atomium and then went to Palais de justice. The Royal gallery hosts great restaurants with reasonable rates.We ended the day with the dinner at the Royal gallery.

Best Time To Visit Brussels

Best time to visit Brussels is from March to September

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