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It was good 1.5hrs drive from Colombo....

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This isn’t Bombay, we’re still in Colombo....

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Galle Face, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Galle Face Front - Then we drove to Galle Face Front which is like Marine Drive in Mumbai. We loved coming hereTaj Samudra - We concluded the day with lavish dinner at Taj Samudra right on Galle Face. And then headed back to airport to fly to Singapore.
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Sri Jinarathana Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka
The Gangaramaya Temple was my first stop and lacked any and all instructions and you are also forced to pay donation for keeping your shoes without any prior intimation. There is nothing written in English anywhere so there is no way you can know any history or why what is placed where. I was even yelled at by a local man for taking a picture while there were no signs of 'pictures not allowed'. The Buddhas everywhere were a beautiful sight inspite of the rains but I had no clue what I was looking at. And then there was a room filled with glass cupboards and many things inside them kept shabbily... even a shelf full of watches.. and sunglasses. Again.. dirty, dusty and unexplained.
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Got up early today. The driver arrived on time around eight in the morning. I had my trip planned by the staff at the Regent Hotel. It is an eight-day road journey around the coast and northern area of Sri Lanka covering more than a dozen cities like Kandy, Trichnapali and many others. The road trip to Jaffna started smoothly. My driver, Joseph, spoke good English and was alert all the way. We stopped over at a few ancient Hindu temples on the way. The most remarkable thing I found was how distinctly different these temples and deities were from the ones I had seen in south Indian cities like Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. The colours were very bright and vibrant. The sculptures of the various Gods, Devis and Divas also varied from the ones I had seen in, say, Kanyakumari and other south Indian cities. The domes of the temples carried the images of Devis and Divas in itself. Blue, pink and gold were the predominate colours used.

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