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The calm and serene Diveagar beach....

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Diveagar 402404
This is a beach town and also a place of worship. The Diveagar Beach is known for its clean sands and white waters. There is not much you can do or explore here but this place is still a very popular weekend getaway especially for Mumbaikars. The Suvarna Ganesha Temple is a famous place of worship and also has an interesting story behind it. Once when there was nothing over here, a lady farmer named Pratibha was busy in her daily work. While ploughing the field she got a copper box which was buried deep down and came up due to repeated ploughing. Inside this box was an idol of Lord Ganesha covered completely with gold and also withe a mask made of gold. The idol weighed about 12 kg. There was then built the temple of the Suvarna Ganesha which is still very popular.
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Dighi Port Road, Diveagar 402403
I had set an alarm to wake up at 5 am, got up and set my way towards beach. Enjoying the silence and calms of water sounds. Slowly I saw people making their way towards nest. The volunteer decided to have a check. The first basket was empty a urge of disappointment could be sensed by everyone. A aunty next to me said Ganapati Bappa morya!! To bring back the excitement and the miracle happened. The second basket had 3 cute small turtles moving around. Wow simply awesome. Everyone was super excited and the happiness can't be explained in world( Wankhede pe Dhoni was winning six wali feeling thi)  Staying below the few feets of ground for 55 days , getting naturally incubated and then coming above the sand and to have the energy to live your life. Nature has its own rules!! A creature as small as a ₹10 dollar coin. Kids around were excited. Nature photographer were overwelmed with joy. Klick! Klick! I didn't carry any digi cam or DSLR as I wanted to capture them in memories, however couldn't stop a video of these lovely creature which would stay alive even when we won't be alive. (Turtles have more life than humans!! Don't take my comments seriously I am not that senti character) later the turtles are carried in basket and taken close to sea. Marking are made so their trails are visible​ on sand. How a natural instinct that a creature who came to life comes to know it has to go towards water!!! Slow and steady the babies made their way , crawling and reaching their destination. One of the turtle was washed back to shore by water, however it crawled back and made its way. A life lesson taught by this creature in just few minutes. Nature law, will power, dedication, faith in itself and more important to be ready to face the suitation. That why I gave it a name Rejoice life!!This made my day, I started my return journey the same day. A life experience which every solo traveller needs to be learned were been taught by this lovely , miniature in the frame of few minutes. You need to respect the laws of nature. Respect nature and it will reward you back. Good bye to these Turtles who would be a gaint tomorrow and may come back after years to lay down eggs, so I can show my kids and the cycle goes on!! Sorry no click of 🐢 to show as I had a view, I shall share the link soon. If you wish to plan your trip to here, hurry up the next batch of hatching is from 10 April 2017 till 20 April.If you miss it this year, you would have to wait till next year.
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About Diveagar

Popular among tourists for its pale white beaches, sparkling sea waters and palm trees swinging lazily in the coastal breeze, Diveagar is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The Diveagar Beach is a mesmerizing place that stretches for a whopping six kilometres. You can find many Suru trees along with a dense cover of the uncommon Belu trees. Don't forget to take pictures of the sand bubble crabs that crawl about here. For a sighting of dolphins, head to the Harihareshwar Beach, which is located near by. Don't be surprised to see sea turtles here, as they often come to this beach to lay their eggs. The fortress of Murud-Janjira, situated on an island off the Murud village is something you can't miss out on. Take a jetty from Murud and explore the fort that is one of the strongest marine forts and has three gigantic cannons that have stood the test of time. Nature and wildlife lovers can head to the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, which houses various species of animals, birds, plants and reptiles. Diveagar can be reached by buses that run regularly from Pune and Mumbai till Srivardhan, from where Diveagar is only 6km away.

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