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The literal meaning of Dwarka is ‘gateway to heaven’ and for some tourists visiting this lovely city, this holds very true. This rocky coast on the western shore of the Okhamandal Peninsula nurtures major Hindu beliefs. More than half of ancient Dwarka is under water today and the remaining part known as Bet Dwarka or Shankhdhar is an island at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch. Dwarka holds much importance in Hindu culture as it is said to be the place where Lord Krishna grew up. The ride from Port Okha to Bet Dwarka is exhilarating and a wonderful experience; and the sea gulls make it extremely special. To admire the aerial view of the coast, you can head up to the lighthouse on the peninsula. Another historic site is the the Gopi Talav. It is where all the tales of Krishna’s Raas Leela with Gopikas have originated and a visit here opens up a bundle of such stories. The Hanuman Mandir and Nageshwar Mandir are other prominent temples of Hindu importance and a must-visit. Don't forget to indulge in a full platter at Chappan Bhog for the finest of Gujarati cuisine. Dwarka comes to life during Janmashtami when people celebrate Lord Krishna with great splendour. Garba and Raas dances are performed and devotees indulge in exuberant merry making. The chants of ‘Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki’ and plunges in the Gomti river will give you a spiritual high. Hotel City Palace is possibly the best choice if you're to stay the night.

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Dwarka/Bet Dwarka A temple that was….At least for me :( Let me first tell you the route there is to reach Dwarka and Bet Dwarka and then probably you will realize the efforts I took to reach Bet dwarka....

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Sunset at Dwarka Beach Dwarka beach is amazing and gives a very non-pilgrimage kind of feel....

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Dwarka Beach, Dwarka, Gujarat
The Hindu pilgrimage site, Dwarka is well-known about by many people from most parts of the world and top-notch tourist destination in Gujarat where you will see a serene face of Gujarat.
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Outskirts Of City, Dwarka
After that, we visited Nageshwar Jyothirling which were just ~30min distance. There we did Rudra Abhishek pooja. It was a very rejuvenating moment for me when I touched Jyothirling. In evening, we decided, instead of staying in Dwarka better would be to leave for Porbandar.
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