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The final part of our trip was at the southern coast of Portugal. A place frequented by many tourists, thanks to the nearby Airport and the possibilities of surfing. We had entered a different part of Portugal, sunny and deserted but charming. The cactus plant in front of our sea facing airbnb would have me scouting for tequila in Faro. The place had a very Mexican feel to it with all the sun, tan and cactus. I loved it! We had a great apartment with a nice exotic lagoon experience. A thin island that lay separated from the city by a Lagoon. Check the pictures below for the front and back views to see the sea water in both the sides. The food was so good and affordable around the beach. We did not hesitate to spoil ourselves to some fried fresh sardines prepared by the locals. Living in Italy for so long, I had nearly forgotten how a Domions Pizza, KFC Chicken or a Starbucks would taste like. Things are finally changing in Milan amid skepticism. I write this blog while munching on a Dominos Pizza like how I did in pre 2010 India. The fast food in Portugal seemed to have a lot of diversity in ingredients in it. We had everything from fish and chips and English Breakfast to rich fried noodles and delicious dessert. They made almost everything at the shack on the beach. Dinner like Vasco Da Gama: Authentic Portuguese sea food A couple of meals at the same place finally motivated us to go for the authentic Portuguese sea food experience. The family run restaurant which had shipping accessories all across the walls had a very confusing menu. The food was really authentic and included fish soup in large quantities served with rice. We were served in a traditional looking silvery cutlery. I may have eaten a new fish that day, something big from the deep blue Atlantic. This was the kind of food you would eat on a journey across the globe in an old wooden ship. Finally on my pursuit to discover Vasco Da Gama's home country, I almost get to eat like the Portuguese sailors. This post was originally published on The Road Not Taken.

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