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Fremantle is a contrast... Heritage listed, Fremantle Prison.... Fremantle's scenic beauty..., and vintage shops. Fremantle...

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of Fremantle (Freo to locals... community vibe, Fremantle... in Fremantle is named... the city of Fremantle. The upscale...

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Top Places To Visit 10 Spots

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison is the largest convict-built prison in Australia and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It provides a perfect World War prison setting with wide-spread rumors of paranormal existence. What is even more fascinating is its underground tunnel and aqueducts. An exciting place to re-visit an era gone by. It is also the only world heritage site in Perth.
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Fremantle Chocolate

This is easily any chocolate lover's heaven. Buy award-winning chocolates, candies and fudges here. They have over 300 chocolate products for you to choose from. Here comes the best part though, they provide free tasting samples! The Fremantle Chocolate factory displays such delicious truffles, bars and fudges that you won't be able to stop yourself from indulging completely.
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About Fremantle

We have finally moved along the coast to a little town called Freemantle or Freo as everyone else here calls it. The reason for the move, was not only because we wanted to, but because the hostel mucked up and we got an unwelcome early morning wake up call in the form of a guy trying to get into our room at about 4am. After we checked with the staff, they informed us that they had tripple booked the room and would need us to pack asap - RUDE. So definitely not recommending the Underground Hostel to anyone any time soon. We have now been introduced to the wonderful world of YHA hostels and this one is lovely along with all the people and the staff. We have been out and bought enough food to last us for two days and I for one cannot wait to get stuck into some proper grub. We are staying in a ten bed dorm with a hippie who is the strangest of people (and not because she is a hippie). We have also been to the beach this evening to watch our first ever sun set. It was beautiful.

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Best time to visit Fremantle is from September to April


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