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WALKING TOURS OF FREMANTLE Classic Australian tales of jailbreaks and mischievous rogues are readily available in Fremantle....

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The World Heritage Listed Fremantle Prison is the biggest attraction among the places to see in Fremantle....

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Top Places To Visit in Fremantle 65 Spots

1 The Terrace, Fremantle, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160
Since being here near the sea and catching up with all that jet lag, we have become early risers - so we have to make special care not to wake everyone up when we are getting ready to go out sharing a dorm with 7 other people. This morning we went to Freemantle Jail, which was rather interesting and we learned that it was the last place that someone was hanged in Australia back in 1991 when they left the jail. Later on this evening we are going to go and see the Southern Cross (Stars) which you can only see from here and then to a pub to listen to some very talented young man play the piano, didgeridoo and sing all at the same time!
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Mews Rd, Fremantle, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160
Take a look at Fremantle's thriving fishing industry.
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About Fremantle

We have finally moved along the coast to a little town called Freemantle or Freo as everyone else here calls it. The reason for the move, was not only because we wanted to, but because the hostel mucked up and we got an unwelcome early morning wake up call in the form of a guy trying to get into our room at about 4am. After we checked with the staff, they informed us that they had tripple booked the room and would need us to pack asap - RUDE. So definitely not recommending the Underground Hostel to anyone any time soon. We have now been introduced to the wonderful world of YHA hostels and this one is lovely along with all the people and the staff. We have been out and bought enough food to last us for two days and I for one cannot wait to get stuck into some proper grub. We are staying in a ten bed dorm with a hippie who is the strangest of people (and not because she is a hippie). We have also been to the beach this evening to watch our first ever sun set. It was beautiful.

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Best time to visit Fremantle is from September to April

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