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Warsaw is a city of rebirth. It's a city born out of the ashes of a terrible war and has established itself as a modern wonder. It's different from a usual European city, as it is not around a city square but instead, spread in a vertical manner, full of Gothic, communist and modern architecture. It's a city that survived World War II and emerged as a fascinating mix of cultures and landmarks.Cheapest Month To Fly: October 2017 from New DelhiMust See: The Old Town, Park Łazienkowski, The Royal Route (from Old Town to Wilanów Palace), Warsaw Ghetto, Warsaw Uprising Museum.Must Eat: Polish Highlander cheese, Pierogi, Paczki Pastries, cabbage rolls and potato dumplings.Must Do: Hang out at Plac Zbawiciela (Savior Square), Relax at the Zegrze Lake, Visit the Adam Mickiewicz Museum Of Literature, Sit by Sigismund’s Column, Go to the Museum Of Caricature And Cartoon Art and Visit the Grand Theatre.Approximate Cost for a day: Attractions – Rs. 550; Food – Rs. 1050; Inter-city travel via public transport – Rs. 350; Accommodation – Average cost for 1 night – Rs. 2500 on double occupancy.

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Gdańsk has a very long history…Its over 1000 years old, and for most of it’s life has been a free city. It didn’t actually become a part of Poland until 1945. Being the largest seaport in the area, and not being a part of Poland is what brought about the development of Gdynia. In 1920, Poland no longer wanted to face the expense of having all the imports and exports going through a free city, so they built up Gdynia as a large seaport. We also went to the the site of the start of WWII. On September 1st, 1939, Gdańsk was attacked from the sea.

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