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search_keywords=Gothenburg%2C+Sweden&country=Sweden&city=Gothenburg&date_from=2014-09-15&date_to=2014-09-18 Return: Gothenburg to Frankfurt by changing 4 trains !...

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Day 2 : Gothenburg : Visit the Archipelago's, visit the opera house and have dinner at one of the beautiful road side dining places at Kungsportsavenyen Day 3 : Bergen....

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Top Places To Visit 5 Spots


One can visit the archipelagos by taking a ferry from Staltholmen. There is an information center and you can pick up the ferry timetable for planning your visits.
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Travel down to the Kungsportsavenyen and have dinner in the most beautiful lane in the city with shops overarching the roads and trams/buses running right in the middle
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