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Helsinki – A shopper’s haven

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland, and is one of the biggest cities in the Nordic region. R...

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Weekend in Finland (Helsinki, Turku, Lakeland)

This trip was originally published on travelfreak. One of the long weekends this year, we spent ...

A dash of Helsinki, with a touch of Tallinn!

Some places have a charm that lingers with you long after you have left...and Finland is one of t...

Amrita Kapoor
21 Days
Answering the unanswered :- 3 weeks in Europe for 90K 

If you think you have it in you, nothing should stop you" , dont care who quoted, but I believe i...

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Tales from Finland – The land of a thousand lakes

Finland offers so many destination choices that it’s difficult to decide what to miss. Afte...

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9 Days
Finnish Adventures | More Than Just The Northern Lights

Finland. 'The Land of Midnight sun'. ''A Land of thousand lakes'. Each year travelers flock to Fi...

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About Helsinki

Solo travel gives you a golden chance to meet new people and get a taste of unique cultures around the world. Finland is a country warmest at heart towards the visiting travellers with their local food leaving you deliciously directionless in the best walking trails. And if you are at a countryside during Midsummer celebration, chances are that you have a time of your life.

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