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, in the city of Helsinki and then driving... before Helsinki and apparently... from Helsinki. Lakeland is exactly... in Helsinki. We saw the senate...

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Helsinki is the capital city... of the Design District, Helsinki.... Helsinki’s city center... day trips from Helsinki; Porvoo...

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Suomenlinna Church (Suomenlinnan Kirkko)

I did not know what to expect in the Suomenlinna Islands, but from the moment we landed there (it's a 10 mins boat ride from Helsinki), we were transported to a different era. The island is serene, clean, and breathtakingly beautiful! I was surprised to know that people actually stay in that island!
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Uspenski Cathedral

Our stay in Helsinki was short (one night, so we did not get to see many of the tourist sights. This is the Uspenski Cathedral built in 1862; unfortunately, it was closed when we went to see it. It is the largest Orthodox Church in Western Europe.
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About Helsinki

After the Ice hotel visit, I wanted to meet the Santa for which I had to fly to Finland. Due to the airline strike my flight from Kiruna (closest airport to Ice hotel) to Stockholm got cancelled. I had to pay double the price on the spot and take the flight to catch my next flight to Helsinki. You see I was so desperate to say Hi to Santa! Finally I reached Helsinki in the night and I was not left with any time to roam around in the city. I just picked up some Indian food as I had not had it for some many days then and hit the bed. Next morning I took the flight for Rovaniemi.


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