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The day pass in Helsinki costs EUR 8 and it covers the ferry from Helsinki to Suomellina....

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The last day we were in Finland, we spent in Helsinki....

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Suomenlinna C 74, Suomenlinnakeskus, Helsinki 00190
Suomenlinna C 3, Helsinki
I did not know what to expect in the Suomenlinna Islands, but from the moment we landed there (it's a 10 mins boat ride from Helsinki), we were transported to a different era. The island is serene, clean, and breathtakingly beautiful! I was surprised to know that people actually stay in that island!
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Stepping into Tallinn is like entering a real-life fairy tale. Cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways, red roofed houses, open air theaters, museums and local markets — Tallinn is pure joy. Also, don't forget, if one wants to enjoy Midsummer celebrations, Tallinn is the place to be!Getting around in TallinnWalk! Discovering Old Town in Tallinn is best done on foot. Honestly, that's the hub of tourism and most backpackers decide to stay there because of cost-effectiveness. If venturing outside, then the best options are bus and trams because it's very cheap. It doesn't really make sense to hire taxis. If one wants to go for a day trip to Finland, just take a ferry ride across! Remember, the euro is used in Estonia.Accommodation in TallinnThe Old Town is filled with hostels and has many a price range. If hostels aren't your scene, then the next best bet is Airbnb. Most tourist locations are in the vicinity and night life is pretty on point.What to eat in TallinnThe food scene in Tallinn is vast. From sandwiches to meat, Chinese to even Indian! But to get an authentic taste of Estonia, try Elk soup, flaky pork patty and local beer! The best place to indulge would be Old Town where there are plenty of restaurants and food stalls.

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22nd June10AmPrague to HelsinkiThis was the time to go back and relax after this thrilling and tiring journey. It was a moment I lived in my style.World is small and beautiful. Travel to learn, explore and understand nature and its beauty, human and its invention & people and their culture.The planning took me around 3 months of research and not involving any agent at any step. This helped me book my Air -tickets well in advance, hostels at a cheaper cost and other things.For any queries related to travel and planning, you can feel free to reach to me on tripoto.Financials: The figures have been rounded-off to the nearest figure for calculation.1. 10th June 2016: Direct flight Finnair (to and fro) to Helsinki (Finland) : Rs 41000/- (Booked on GoIbibo, after a discount of 5k)2. 10th June 2016: Reached Helsinki (6.5 hrs journey).3. Next 2 days : Free stay at Friends house ( Spend some 30 euros in travelling around)= Rs 20004. 12th June 2016: Missed ship from Helsinki Harbour ( pre booked on an offer for 4 euros + 10 euro breakfast , Ship : Viking Line) = Rs 8405. 12th June 2016: Paid 52 Euros extra (adjustment) to catch another ship from Turku (2 hrs from Helsinki, Finland) + 30 euros ( Taxi + Train ticket from Helsinki to Turku) = 8o Euros = Rs 56006. 13th June 2016: Arrived in Stockholm, Stay in "City Hostel" booked via hostelworld app = 34 euro (2 days) = Rs 25007. 13th - 15th June 2016:Travelling in Stockholm ( 600 Swedish krona = Rs. 50008. 15th June 2016: Flight to Rome ( pre booked 80 euros )= Rs 60009. 15th - 17th June 2016: Stay in Rome "The yellow" (40 euros) + Travelling + Food = 50 euros = Rs 700010. 17th June 2016: Bus from Rome to Venice (15 euros)= Rs 1100/-11. 18th - 20th June 2016: Venice Stay "Camping Rialto" (Camp area : 22 euros (2 days), Travelling and food = 40 euros. Total= Rs 450012. 20th June 2016: Flight from Venice to Prague (Pre Booked)= 50 euros = Rs 400013. 20th June 2016: Stay in "Hostel Mango"( 28 euros for 2 days)= Rs 230014. 20th - 22nd June 2016 : Travelling + food =30 Euros (Converted from Czech Korona) = Rs 250015. 22nd June 2016: Flight from Prague to Helsinki (Pre-booked) = 50 euros = Rs 400016. 23rd June - 29th June :- Helsinki ( Rest + Visiting other friends etc)= 60-70 euros = Rs 500017. 29th June: Flight back to India.18. Visa charges ( VFS global, Delhi) - Rs 6600/ - (Non- Refundable). In case of 1st rejection, you can appeal, but if that is also rejected, you have to forfeit the money.Note: 1. I did not indulge in any kind of luxury shopping (only bought some t-shirts etc on sale), because the motive was to explore as much I can within my budget. 2. I cooked my own food in every hostel (so hostels were booked keeping in mind if they have a kitchen facility). 3. I missed my ship in Helsinki, due to which I had to pay an extra 80 euros (which I think I could have saved).4. There was a deep and thorough research done as to what places to visit, which hostel to stay-in, which flight to book. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you plan such trips (As you play in with a different currency). 5. Also, time of visit has a great impact on your expense, June- August is the peak season, but if you plan it well and book you tickets and accommodation well in advance, this will bring a minimal impact on you expense.

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