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Plan for the day was to drive to Idukki and explore the places....

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Idukki Dam | Idukki The Mighty Idukki Dam . 18....

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Top Places To Visit in Idukki 33 Spots

 The journey through the windy road was spellbinding with lovely views of the tea plantations and the mountains at both sides. At one point, we could even see the Anayirangal dam at a great distance surrounded by lush green hills. The tea plantations at many places had symmetrically lined silver oak trees in between and the leaves of the oak trees were signing in the sunlight truly justifying it's name.
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Between Kuravanmala and Kurathimala Mountains, Near Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki
First one is Idukki dam. From Kochi city a distance of 111 KM would take you to Idukki Dam. Asia’s first arch dam that beautifully connects Kuravan and Kurathi hills. This dam authority has a vehicle that takes you for a close view of the dam. Photography is strictly prohibited. The dam is said to be built with ice in the building materials to make it stronger compared to other dams built in those days. The remains of the ice factory can also be seen at the sight. I was stunned at the way the dam was built and maintained. For a person who gets fascinated by science, human efforts and admires creation would definitely love this place.
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Weekend Getaways from Idukki 

We started from Calcutta to Trivandrum (also called Thiruvananthapuram). Since it was early morning flight we were there early morning hence having a complete day to explore before we reach our property. At Thiruvananthapuram you can visit Padmanabhaswamy Temple.

About Idukki

Idukki: This is Asia's first arch dam, constructed across the Kuravan and Kurathi hills. The reservoir is surrounded by two dams, the Idukki dam and the Cheruthoni dam. You are allowed to walk on the Cheruthoni barrage to which the entry ticket is ~30 INR. The panoramic view from the Cheruthoni barrage is stunning. The view of the reservoir from the Hill View Park is extremely serene and peaceful.

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