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5 Days
Kasol:- A heaven to remember

Kasol...u know it is still hidden from this hypothetical maniac world but yeah it still exists.A ...

Devashish Sahoo
5 Days
Malana = Maal + Laana

View from Dragon Guest HouseMalana View from TopFrozen waterfall while trek to Chadraknhani PassV...

Avdesh Negi
2 Days
Where Trance knows no bounds | Malana

How often do you see a kid of 7, cheerfully come up to you & say this in sheer audacity “maal...

Sambhav Poddar

About this Trip  This was a totally unplanned trip, It was the time of submitting our examin...

6 Days
Malana: The land where Alexander The Great roamed!

 Gate Day 1 - New Delhi to Kasauli This was my first trip on a bike to the Himalayas, I was...

Kaveri Mayra

Best time to visit - January,February,March,April,May,June,October,November,December
Simla is the capital and the largest city of the northern India state of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala being the other ca...
Best time to visit - August,September,October,November
Chandigarh is India's first planned city, quite distinct from the rest of the country and considerably better organized....
Best time to visit - June to September
This beautiful town happens to be located in Jammu & Kashmir and is an abode for those who wish to pursue Buddhism. The ...
Best time to visit - March,April,May,October,November
Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, a state in the northern part of India. Located in the Garhwal region, Dehra...
Best time to visit - April,May,June,July
Scenic and serene, Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh is perhaps one of the most unexplored places in Himachal. Passing through...
Best time to visit - January,February,March,October,November,December
Amritsar has made a huge contribution to Indian history and is the holiest hub for Sikhs. The name of the city, which me...

About Jari

To head towards Manala the best way to reach is get down at Jari. Bhuntar to Jari is 30mins or 20 kms. The hrtc bus charged us Rs. 30/- While talking to the bus conductor how to reach Manala for cheap he told us,"There are 3 more people who are getting down at jari. So you guys join them and take a taxi to Manala your share would be less." This was something really helpful. We got down at Jari and i spoke to the 3 guys who got down at jari. While talking to them i asked their plans and shared mine.They were from Chandigarh. Rohit aka nannu pedlar, Pradeep aka pebe and Saurav. There is a taxi union at jari where they have fixed price chart for different places with car price. We were 5 so we booked a sumo for Rs.1300/- single journey. As we decided to stay in Manala. Babu bhai- 07807810700 Who manages the taxi union department at jari.

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