Jerusalem Tourism & Travel Guide

Beige in Jerusalem, Jerusalem in Beige

Several surprises on my very first overseas trip but none more than Jerusalem and its uniform bei...

Taushik Mandal
8 Days
Exploring The Ancient City Of Jerusalem

Welcome to one of the oldest cities in the world. Welcome to one of the holiest cities in the wor...

Fatema Diwan
Top 10 most amazing points of interest to visit in Israel & Palestine: a road less travelled

"What! ...Are you sure about this?!... Be careful!" were a few of the reactions I got when I told...

kritidipta Lahkar
10 Days
Travel Diary from Israel and Jordan

Jordanian countrysideWadi Rum desertRoad through Wadi Rum desertEilat - Red SeaEilatThe Monastery...

Munjal Desai
3 Days
Israel for Saints and Sinners!

I finally had the chance to visit the country where my whole existence roots from. Thanks to HP, ...

8 Days
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - Jordan, Israel, Palestine

Blue pottery at JordanNazareth at nightfallLocal BalconySt. Peters FishIndian Israel FlagsBank in...


About Jerusalem

Let me start by saying it isn't my first trip to Jerusalem. I've been to the Holy Land several times before. So what's the big difference this time?In addition to all our usual sight-seeing, including staying at our favorite David Citadel hotel - this time we also acted on a recommendation we got from a friend - and went to The Western Wall Tunnel.For those of you who aren't yet familiar with this part of the Western Wall (also called "The Wailing Wall"), The Tunnel is actually the rest of The Wall, extending almost 500 meters - most of it underground.It's also known as The Davidson Center Archaeological Garden, or "The Ophel" (in Hebrew: The Rising One, meaning the one that goes upwards, since it's situated on a hill).

Best Time To Visit Jerusalem

Best time to visit Jerusalem is from May to October

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