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SMILE On the first 2 days of the trek, we put up at home-stays and passed through Sewa and Jiskun villages....

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Our destination today is Jiskun....

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Once known as Shyamala, synonymous with Goddess Kali, Shimla has been a summer retreat long before India even gained independence. This famous hill station similarly has a lot of places and things to see untouched by time. For instance, take a vintage joy ride from Kalka station to Shimla in a charming toy train that will take you through towering Deodars, hills and villages. Shimla truly comes alive during winters when a blanket of snow covers it all over making every nook and corner gleam and glisten. One such place is the ice skating rink (natural ice) near Lakkar Bazaar that opens from November to December. More winter sports include skiing, which can be enjoyed 21 km from Shimla in Kufri. Adventure activities such as rafting at Tattapani or a trek to Shali Tibba and Pabbar Valley are also worthwhile experiences. If you are fond of haunted stories and interested in having your own spooky adventure, you'll love Shimla. A lot of people including the renowned Rudyard Kippling (in 'My Own True Ghost Story) have written various eerie stories set around Shimla. A place known most for giving many people the jeepers-creepers is the Charleville Mansion. Another time travelling portal is the antique bookstore, Marina Brothers, located on Mall Road, which is truly a reader and collector's paradise. There are many luxury and budget hotels here, meaning you'll never fall short of options. Popular places to eat include Wake & Bake, Ashiana, Cecil and Minchy's that serve commendable Indian and multi-cuisine dishes and delicious gourmet food.

About Jiskun

After a brief hike and few climb-up we had reached Jiskun. It was to be a homestay again and I instantly fell in love with it. The homestay was straight out of a fairy-tale; peaceful, with the grandest views of the valleys. This is the exact sight you would want everyday when you wake up.Bags down, shoes off, and phones and camera battery on charge. Yes, there was electricity in Jiskun. But luckily no phone network (except for BSNL). We headed off to a nearby ground for yet another round of cricket. There is some connection between Rupin Pass and cricket. I like the intensity on how we played. Everyone is so dedicated and committed that we end up making noise and arguing with each other! Whole village now knew we were in Jiskun!After a vivacious game of cricket we were back at the homestay. And would you believe it, it was Mahendra's birthday! Even he came to know when he spoke to his wife and she reminded him of this. After all a beautiful trek can make you forget things, even your birthday! I know Indiahikes celebrating birthdays by making cakes, regardless of whatever altitude we are at. But the problem was the birthday he mentioned was different to his actual birth date. So even Indiahikes were surprised and unaware. Good job Mahendra! But something can still be worked out. And Indiahikes made a bread-jam cake!After the "high-altitude-birthday-bash" it was time for supper (at 7:30pm). Having some smoking hot dinner at such a picturesque spot; what more can you ask for! The rooms in the homestay was very warm, and we quickly snuggled inside our sleeping bags. Lights out and the snoring starts! I understand we all were tired and a good nights sleep is all we needed, but damn few of us (names withheld for obvious reasons???? ) were snoring like Godzillas! And in proper sync. I woke up in middle of the night more often.Day 4: A Day to the Apple Orchards and WildernessGot up by 5:30am and it was still dark outside. Venus and a half crescent moon was all the light you can see in the sky.The view was one to savour. However, there was not to be a happy start. While coming down Roshni tumbled on the stairs, and she got injured on her face. All the euphoria turned into concerns and anxious faces. Luckily nothing serious happened and Roshni was back on her feet with her wonderful smiles. Ok, the gang was all ready to hit the trail. But before that some stretching and bum-dancing ( juguza)! Once all set, we clicked few pics and on we march.It was a sunny day. Kids were scampering to school as they were running late. But everyone of them wished us Namaste. Such modesty. We can learn so much from these villages.It was to be a gradual, tough hike till Jhaka, beyond which the trail will be more or less flat. We huffed-puffed our way to Jhaka, with a scorching sun behind us.

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