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It is just 18 KMS from the Kakinada which is on the Kakinada - Yanam highway ....

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On the way to Bay of bengal And my day ended on Kakinada beach under full moon :) Kakinada beach...

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Karuna Farms

I have so many things to talk about this fantabulous place but I always find myself out of words to explain the rawness and crudity I experienced being there. It was absolutely magical. Reaching Karuna farms involves trekking down an absolutely non structured 'barely qualifying' to call it a road way. Though the owner Neville asked us to call his driver to pick us up but we wanted to go around and check the way to the farm. Frankly speaking, I used to take that jeep to visit the city and there was not once I could sit without feeling my intestines and stomach. The bumpy road with the slippery boulders made the jeep sway like a camel. As soon as you reach the entrance, you have to go downhill again through the stairs of tyres. We were dead tired due to the walking and the heavy bags but just after some 5 minutes we heard Neville's voice. The bearded, highly spirited man welcomed us with a big smile and within 2 seconds I was assured that my decision was right. Karuna farm is nothing like any home stay or a camp neither is it a place with tree houses. Its an area over a mountain, with huts spread throughout . Its difficult to locate the huts because of the ambuscade of the trees. We were supposed to stay at Bhajan kutir and reaching to our hut felt like one jungle safari. Since you had to walk uphill on a trail through the bushes, then came a small cascade, after you cross that, we had to jump up a wall of flat stones, walk downhill again on the trails and after paving way through the marsh we found our small pretty hut. But ohh! it was magical. The hut was clean and equipped with all the basic stuff bedding, mattress, quilt, the kitchen utensils and the small fireplace. Since the place doesn't use electricity they only have solar powered LEDs to light up the place; the bare minimum. I sure felt very homely. We would wake up make tea, cook maggi and then head out. There were so many beautiful spots around making you feel ecstatic. The magnificent view from the top of the rock was just mesmerizing. You could just sit and get lost in the clouds. The most interesting part was the bathroom they had for each hut; its an open bathroom with the setting but not with a door or a roof , thats how you are supposed to defecate in a jungle ;)
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Kakinada Beach

The Kakinada is the most popular beach in this region and has a lot of visitors and it is mostly crowded, but the beach is well maintained and has many water sport activities available.
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