Kazakhstan Tourism & Travel Guide

UnExplored Kazakhstan

This is my first blog.. I usually travel, take pictures and save it for myself. After my trip to...

Girish Alwani
11 Stunning Muslim Countries That Everyone Needs To Visit

A wise dude once said that everyone is wrong about other countries, and pretty much every travell...

Trisha Singh
992 Days
Revisiting The Silk Route via Tajikistan

By silk route we mean the trade corridor which connected Asia with Europe by its cultural interac...

17 Days
Central Asian Diaries

Day 1: Delhi - Almaty (1650km as the crow flies)  We both were as excited as if it was our ...

Harsh Vardhan
46 Days
London (UK) to Jammu (India) Road Trip

When in Iran, do as the Iranians do :-)Driving thru IranHike to THE WAVEZoroastrian Fire Temple (...

185 Cities Across India and Still a Long Journey to go

Life has the habit of keeping us in a spin. Mine is no different than that of others. The only ...

Rajat Chakraborty

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