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Koggala is this small sleepy coastal town, situated at the edge of a lagoon....

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Koggala beach, on the other hand is less prone to tourists and is a perfect place for a peaceful retreat....

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Koggala Lake, Koggala, Sri Lanka
A boat ride into the Koggala lake allows yo to stop at a number of slans with their own individual charm, from cinnamon makers to hidden monasteries I was glad we found time to squeeze this in. The reef area of the Koggala region is famous for its stilt fisherman, who erect a single pole in the chest-deep water just few meters off-shore, where they perch on a cross bar and using bamboo fishing rods cast their lines out beyond the surf break to catch small fish mainly sardines.Well I can say that both Shilpa & I managed to catch only a real Lankan tan with NO sign of any fish.Quick Tip: Rent a Tuk - Tuk and just go with the flowOur Sri Lanka journey was short but this is just a start and I'm glad we chose this country to wander because it has given us the courage to set out on any spontaneous adventures and has motivated us to go for many more ' no - expectation' holidays.Backpacking has also taught me that you meet great people on the road, but then life moves on and people go their separate ways....and maybe you will see each other again, maybe not...... I will be documenting each detail of our journey on my blog http://urbanvagabonds.blogspot.in/ as well.Happy Travelling!
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Koggala Lake, Koggala, Galle

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Koggala is this small sleepy coastal town, situated at the edge of a lagoon. As our Tuk Tuk drove into this sleepy area we were amazed to learn that the town is bounded on one side by a rocky reef, and on the other by a large lake, Koggala Lake, into which the numerous tributaries of the Koggala Oya drain.

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