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4 Days
Kasol - What to Do, Where to Stay and What to Eat!

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Valley of God

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Rediscovery; Reincarnation.

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Rikita Parikh

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McLeod Ganj
Best time to visit - February,March,April,May,June,October,November
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About Kutla

7th July :- This was the final day of my trip. I planned to go to Malana but dropped my plan as I heard that it is a place similar to Tosh. The guy I befriended on the previous day told me about kutla, a small village located at top of the hill. There is a 1 hour trek from Tosh to Kutla, so we decided to went there. The trek was easy & beautiful with waterfalls & beautiful landscapes. But the real surprise was the final destination. It is a place where I can spend rest of my life, located at top of the hill with no crowd & beautiful view. We ate our breakfast at a dhaba & asked its owner about near by places to go. He told us to go to other side of the hill. We went there & reached a beautiful valley with view of glaciers from the distance. We met a shepherd family there & they invited us to share food with them. As it was the occasion of Eid, we ate halwa with them & thanked them for their generosity. We decided to head back to Tosh but lost our way. We were scared because there was no one & it was the dense forest. Luckily we found our way back and reached Tosh.

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