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Langza is situated approx. 16 km northwards of Kaza. It is a tiny hamlet and is one of the most beautiful village in Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh at the crossroads between Tibet and India, where the sun shines strongly over a brown treeless mountains cape in summers, where no rain falls during the monsoons and the winter’s snow can hide your footprints for four months. Placed at an altitude of 4325 m above the sea level, this village is known for its charming scenery, pre-historic buildings, star-studded sky and Buddha statue. The village is enveloped by snow-capped peaks, green meadows, and barren plains, offering some wonderful views. The village is also famous for presence of marine fossils.You must drive through a winding road headed uphill from Kaza town. The road climbed too fast and too high, ascending rapidly at a rate of thousand feet in every thirty minutes. Along the way, you will see from your car’s window the valley getting deeper, slopes getting steeper and the peaks that once appeared sky high growing shorter as your altitude begin to match theirs. It is a hamlet of about fifty houses flanked by lush fields on one side and mountain slopes to the other.

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