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I trekked to Langza from Kaza with a dozen of kids. Everyone cheered me up, to just keep walking until we reached Langza post sunset. Everybody went to there home and I went to Phan Dhey Homestay, the best in Spiti Valley. After a hectic day, we had dinner while discussing why heavy snowfall is necessary for langza this year, leading to disappointment that the weather was clear and there were no sign of snowfall. Everybody went to their rooms but I didn't feel like sleeping, so I stood by the window which had frozen fractals, gazing at the stars and praying for the snowfall as it was the basic need for livelihood in Spiti.After an hour of gazing and praying for the miracle to happen. I went to my bed but couldn't fall asleep easily even after a tiring day because of bone chilling temperature, nearly -25 degree Celsius.At 7 in the morning, I woke up suddenly after a bad dream and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was all white, I kept asking my mind 'is this for real', jumping out of my bed towards the window. It was more than heaven to me. I was super thrilled to be able to witness this miracle. Everybody thought it is not going to snow this year as well, but it snowed for almost a feet in those 6 hours only and was still snowing. I rushed to the room where Bukhari was, to see everybody and celebrate the happiness together. We all had tea and breakfast, and I headed for a short walk in village while it was still snowing.With every step I took, I fell in love with white madness going on. I never felt so lucky other than this very moment.This post was originally published on It Is In The Name.

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