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Museum of Nature & Science

New Mexico Museum of Nature & ScienceRight across the street from the children's museum is the Museum of Nature & Science. This was a spectacular museum because it was sectioned off into areas that defined New Mexico history. You could walk the journey through time. An evolater elevator gave you a thorough, interactive history of the state, then you could walk through the time of dinosaurs, the volcanoes, the caverns, gems and minerals, even New Mexico's rich history of nuclear science and computer development. Did you know that Microsoft was founded in Albuquerque! It's true.
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About Las Cruces

If you'd like to go another 10 miles, head on out to Las Cruces (The Crosses), the 2 nd largest city in New Mexico, with over 100,000 residents. Enjoy delicious New Mexican cuisine in the festive old town plaza of Mesilla and then shop until your heart's content in Las Cruces. If you have time on your way back, stop off at Space Murals Museum, which has free admission and an extensive collection of space articles, records, memorabilia, and an outdoor garden dedicted to the ill-fated Challenger mission. Also on the property, outside the gates in the area of the parking lot, is a letterbox and a geocache that we placed. Find them for a little souvenir of your visit:

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Las Cruces is from November to April
Las Cruces

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