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Ireland & Northern Ireland

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After a fill of history, scotch and scrumptious food, keep the last day on the Scotland itinerary to relax and enjoy a slow pace. Take a train from Inverness to Glasgow (it will take about 3 and a half hours). Once there, spend the day taking in the sights and sounds of the city.
Then, we booked accommodation in Liverpool (£30). Moose cafe for breakfast. The best breakfast I had! IT IS SO GOOD. I want to book a ticket to Liverpool just for this! That salted caramel pancakes with poached apples.. £7 if I'm not wrong! Huge portion!
For all lucky Harry Potter fans, you may have heard of Warner Brother Studios which has most of the Harry Potter sets and costumes and is just two hours away from the heart of London. For all Titanic fans who have seen the Titanic multiple times, here's the ultimate way for you to express your fandom. Belfast is a small town in Ireland where the Titanic was built. It is small but it is still the largest city and the capital of Northern Ireland. The entire town has remnants of the Titanic ranging from mementos to a small ship making factory to museums dedicated to the Titanic. 
On you day trip to Western Cork, the first stop is the historic port-town of Kinsale. In medieval times, the importance of Kinsale to Ireland's political strategy was such, that the neighboring hamlet of Cork, was described as being 'near to Kinsale' - a stark contrast to today's times, when it's exactly the other way round. Charles Fort - a 13th century star-shaped fort built to protect the port of Kinsale from French & Spanish invaders is the prime attraction. The guided tour by a member of the Office for Public Works is hugely informative & entertaining (the fabled Irish wit, yeah?). Much of Kinsale's decline as an important port is attributed to the sandbar in it's harbor. Cork was identified as a natural alternative and the rest, as they say, is history. Kinsale town is a charming little spec of culture and rural bounty. Schedule your trip to Kinsale on a Wednesday and be blessed by the weekly Farmer's Market, held on every Wednesday, right opposite the Tourist Office in town. There's great food, amazing juices, mouth-watering deserts and some absolutely amazing local life to be experienced in this market - do not miss for anything!
Day 9 (Blarney): We went from Kerry to Dublin back this morning via the Blarney Castle. We explored the castle for about a couple of hours, before returning to Dublin's fair city for our farewells and a quiet dinner at the Church bar in the night.Tips:1) Exchange some € and £ for trains/taxis at the local banks in your home country, but there are plenty of official/unofficial money exchange places all over London and Dublin, that offer a much better exchange rate.2) Get a London underground zone 1 and 2 all day pass (£8) every day that you travel within the city. It's the most economical way to explore the city and is valid even on the buses.3) In Dublin, try to book a tour which has airport drop-off/pick-up service. It'll save you €s for bus/taxi.What businesses did I use?Tour to bath and Stonehenge : The English BusTour of Southern Ireland : Paddywagon toursHotel in Dublin: The Townhouse of DublinAirlines : United (KC to London & Dublin to KC) & Aer Lingus (London to Dublin one-way flight)
My first experience of travelling outside India was when I went to UK to pursue an MBA and did not return for two years. I lived in Cardiff and London during the time.

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I landed in Dublin, and after a long wait at the immigration finally got to meet my cousin & his wife! Best Part of the day! However, when the wind hit me, I was morally crushed! I wasn’t prepared for that kind for cold-summer! I gathered all the courage I could, layered myself with clothes and forgot about the weather as soon as I stepped into the cute double deck bus. Right in front of me sat a couple who seemed to be madly in love ;). The first look of Ireland was calm, green, and laid-back. I loved it instantly! We reached City Center in 35-40 minutes. We deposited my luggage in Ned Kelly Sports Club & Casino. Right, a casino that opens at around 11:00 am, has luggage storage facility, and offers free juice, coffee, & cookies! After winning 10 euros in Roulette there and after having a delicious brunch (Pancakes with Maple Syrup & Irish Coffee) at River Bar, I visited Malahide, Bray, Killiney, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin City Center, Temple Street, Temple Bar, & Ha’Penny Bridge.Day 2 @ Northern Ireland

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