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Famous for its forts, Mandu is a place of architectural marvels. The place was established in the 6th century AD and is shrouded in mythology. The place has been ruled by Humayun, the Mughal Emperor to the Rajputs from Malawi. Some of the famous tourist destinations here at Mandu is the tomb of Hoshang Shah, an Afghan architect, the Darwaza, the Jahaz Mehal and the Hindola Mahal. The Lohani Caves are another star attraction here.The story of romance between Rani Rupmati and Sultan Baz Bahadur happened here.
Best time to visit Mandu is from March to January

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Mandu is just that kind of a place....

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So by around 10:00 AM, we were entering the gates of Mandu !...

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I reached Patna around 1:00 pm and got down at the Mithapur bus stand. From there I took an auto to the railway station and from there another auto to Patna Sahib. By the way, if you want to know how I found out about the right autos and buses, I did what every clueless person would do; ASK. I asked my fellow bus travelers, auto drivers, locals as well as the supreme ‘Google’ and they were all happy to guide me.I had to rush as my train, although expected to be late, was set to arrive at 6:00 pm on the Patna Junction and I was yet to retrieve my suitcase from my friend’s house. It was simply a race against time. From Patna Sahib, one can either walk to the gurdwara or take another auto. The final road resembles any crowded old city such as Sadar bazar in my home town of Meerut or Chawri Bazaar in Delhi. There are all kind of shops and a great many tea stalls.Takht Shree Harmandir Sahib ji is one of the five holiest sites in Sikhism, as it is here that the tenth sikh guru Gobind Singh was born. It isn’t as majestic as Golden temple in Amritsar but is worth visiting once. It is undergoing a major makeover and once that is finished, it will be able to match upto the golden temple in its grandeur. Still, the white main building is beautifully constructed and the inside sanctum was open to devotees to pray.


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