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Anila Kopparapu
Mandav, a tiny town in Madhya Pradesh that people barely know about was once a really popular city that served as a major fort town for the Mughals as well as the rulers who came after that. The town bears remains of all the history that it saw nearly 500 years ago even today in the form of all the mahals and ancient structures that still exist. The Hindola Mahal, Jahaz Mahal, Rewa Kund and the Hoshang Shah’s tomb are not to be missed out on while you are here.
Next day proceed to Mandu, journey between Maheshwar to Mandu will take approximately one and half hour. Explore this ancient city and do try Daal Bati, a local cuisine.
Also known as Mandu situated 90km from heart of MP -Indore, is a great example of Indian history. It was built by mugal emperor Gyasuddin around 1500AD, it is surrounded by ponds and water bodies resulting in getting name of JahajMahal, the view from top of fort is mesmerizing, road to reach Mandaav is quite scenic with lots of curves and viewing point at very high altitude, it also have few more fort and Museum.
Day 2, you could visit the magnificent Rewa kund group, Sagar talav group and other scattered monuments. Roopmati pavilion is particularly my personal favourite :D
You will know you have reached Mandu when you start seeing the modest, beautiful and breathing buildings which remind you of the Mughal architecture. But it’s not any Mughal architecture you see commonly across the country! It is a blend of the Hindu and Afghan architecture, which has been the prelude to many architectural marvels in India, including the Taj Mahal.Malwa retreat and malwa resort are the state tourism hotels in Mandu. But, if you want a cheaper bet, stay in one of the hotels near Jama masjid. We stayed in Gurukrupa, a decent hotel at INR 1400 for a day. You could hire cycles at INR 100 a day, but be sure you can cycle on elevated terrains. Try out the Dal Bafale, Dal Paniye and laddu at Mandu for sure :D