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Manila a couple of times... me in Manila, save a couple... through the Manila traffic as my taxi... in Manila. Ok, I am kidding!Come...

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called "Manila". With my 2... in Manila is from May to July... to Manila. starting at 4... is...the road till Manila is awesome...

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Our visit in Manila started out with a trip to the Intramuros, which is a walled historic city from the Spanish colonial times. There are museums, cathedrals, and overall beautiful architecture. Surprisingly, there are a lot of universities within the walls as well, and we saw lots of students and canteens where they can grab a quick and cheap meal. We were able to walk around on top of the walls, which were once fortified with cannons.
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San Augustin

The San Augustine Cathedral is the oldest in the Philippines. It is an absolutely gorgeous structure, and there are tons of portraits and sculptures which are placed a bit randomly in the hallways.There was a wedding taking place in the cathedral, which we were able to observe from the upper balcony in the back. The ceremony was breathtaking, and we saw the bridal party walk up the aisle in pairs.Then the bride arrived, and everyone started taking pictures. The train of her dress was very long. It was beautiful but seemed very awkward to handle, especially when she got up to the altar and needed 4 helpers to assist in arranging and managing the fabric. Both her mother and father accompanied her up the aisle and "gave her away" to the groom.
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About Manila

It was an uneventful flight to Manila.I was no stranger to the Philippines. I lived here for 4 years. And even after I moved my base from the Philippines to the urbanscape that people called Singapore, I had visited Manila a couple of times. So, nothing exciting awaited me in Manila, save a couple of planned meetups with old friends.Owing to some confusion in my seat booking, Jetstar gave me a free upgrade to an exit seat, which is a big deal when you consider that these seats were 30SGD extra. On a budget flight, that was a lot of savings by itself. Arriving at 9pm, the immigration was smooth, and I spent the first 2 hours of my 12-hour transit wading through the Manila traffic as my taxi inched its way to Makati. And the remaining time was spent catching up with some old friends in one of my favorite restaurants anywhere in the world: that food-temple called Ziggurat, hidden away in the shady neon-lit streets of P.Burgos.

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Best time to visit Manila is from December to April


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