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About Melaka

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site where Malaysia's colourful history began in the early 1500s. From the Portuguese, Dutch to English, each had their time for rule and this evolved into a multi-cultural crossroad for the trading world. Now, the heritage zone houses well kept colonial buildings from hundreds of years ago including Dutch, Portuguese and British influences. Melaka is also best explored on foot so staying around the core heritage zone is a plus point. While here, don't forget to savor the local Baba and Peranakan cuisine plus the local Malacca hawker foods. Around Melaka city, there are also some beautiful heritage hotels which are mostly in the boutique style. For a full Peranakan experience, it is recommended to stay at one of these hotels. Outside the city area, there are various parks and attractions which include the crocodile, deer and butterfly farm, a mini Malaysia park and also the well known Melaka zoo. This requires you to take public transport or a taxi as it is not accessible by foot. There are no airports to Melaka.

Best Time To Visit Melaka

Best time to visit Melaka is from December to February

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