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Our first milestone was Nakthan village, a laid-back place surrounded by orchards of apricot and apple. Luckily for us, this was the harvesting season and people there were busy plucking and packing these fruits. Unable to hold myself back, I requested an old lady, sitting near her orchard with a dog to let us pluck apples for the way. She happily pointed to a tree, and we started stocking ourselves. Thanking her, we continued with our trek. Within a few minutes after leaving Nakthan, the sky got overcast and it started drizzling.Though it made the trail more slippery and challenging, thereby affecting our pace, but it was more than compensated by the beautiful weather that took away all our fatigue. After an hour of walk, we reached Rudranag. It is a small meadow and has a waterfall gushing down towards Parvati river. After Rudranag, the nature of trail changed completely. Till now, the trail had taken us deeper into the valley. But now it was time to ascend. We walked through the beautiful waterfalls and experienced some mesmerizing sights of the thick deodar forest. At some places, the slope was quite steep and with a 10 kg bag on my back, it became physically taxing. Meanwhile, the sky started to clear and clouds uncovered the surrounding mountains.

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